Stressing over my 1st b-bag!

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  1. I won my first b-bag with a BIN on Tuesday evening. I've e-mailed the selller twice regarding the shipping of the bag since I'll be leaving on vacation in a week. I haven't heard a word from her and haven't received the usual Paypal e-mail saying the item you won has been shipped. First time this happens to me. I usually get extremely prompt responses.

    Now my hubby keeps asking me every 5 min if I know when my very expensive bag will be arriving. I so hope this was not a scam. That's alot of money to shell out just to not get the bag in the end. I know it's Thanksgiving and people are out of town, but I think arrangements to check your auctions should be made so buyers are not left out in the cold.

    Sorry to rant, but I'm seriously stressing over this.:sweatdrop:
  2. ^don't worry. It's the holidays which will impact pace and how much attention people can devote to ebay transactions. I don't think too much time has passed yet given that we're in TG week.
  3. congrats on your win!! i just got my first b-bag too after daydreaming for a month about them... do you have a link to the auction..i'm curious! hopefully it's legit, and maybe the gal is just out of town for the holiday or similar.
  4. congrats on your 1st b-bag fendihunter, it looks good to me a powerseller, i'm overly conscientious about checking my auctions constantly...but if i were away for thanksgiving, it would be hard on me too...i'm sure you'll hear from the seller by the end of the weekend...hang in there & know that you've got a beautiful bag coming your way :heart:
  5. Thanks aaallabama. I'm probably just stressing because my vacation is coming up and I'd hate to have my elderly in-laws in charge of waiting for my package (they're a bit nosy). Also, my husband was not too into the idea of me getting another ebay bag (even said we could go to NM to get it instead). I explained I wanted an '05 bag because of the supposed awesome leather, so he caved in. If I had been scammed, he would never let me even look at ebay again, let alone purchase from there. After seeing all the great deals lately, I'd hate to lose out on them because of one bad deal.

    I'll wait till Monday to hear from the seller, if not I'll e-mail again.
  6. If you asked for insurance on this bag she may not be able to ship it through paypal. I found out that you could not purchase more than $500 worth of insurance through the site so I take mine to the post office. I am sure you will hear from her soon.
  7. I would wait until monday as well. Please keep us posted I hope everything will work out perfectly well.
  8. I never ask for insurance so I suppose that is the reason I always receive those Paypal e-mails stating the purchased item has been shipped. I guess this is just another one of my many different ebay experiences. You can always learn something. I guess I must learn to be more patient.

    HA!! With my 1st b-bag waiting somewhere for me to smoosh it around, it is going to be very difficult to be patient.:sad:
  9. I rarely get a shipped notice through paypal unless it's a powerseller or a business-like seller. I wouldn't worry. Can you e-mail her and ask her to hold off on shipping it until the last couple days of your vacation?
  10. I thought about doing that. If I don't happen to hear from her until mid week next week, I'll probably ask her to ship it out the last day of my vacation.

    I so wanted to take it with me on my vacation...oh well. C'est La Vie (pardon my French since I don't know any).
  11. ^^ true, that's why i ship via fedex;)
  12. Well, the seller e-mailed me. She apologized for her slow response, but did assure me that the bag was shipped Wednesday by Priority Mail. So hopefully I should be receiving it early next week.

    Fingers crossed - (wish there was a fingers-crossed smiley.)
  13. She's beautiful, congratulations! I hope she arrives in time for your trip. That would be perfect! :yes:
  14. yay i hope you get it in time for your trip...i know all about wanting to take new goodies on vacation with's like spending quality time with them. hehe. good luck!! ;)