Strap Replacemet

  1. I was wondering if anyone knew how much does LV charges to have the straps replaced. My friend gave me this old Saumur and the patina is way too dark for my taste. I like it whan it is like a honey color but this is like a burnt honey. Let me show you:
  2. I think it depends. I asked about this before and my SA told me to bring the bag in so they could take a look at it.
  3. Hi!

    I´m not the specialist of reparations but the problem is that if you change the main strap,the other patined parts will be make a huge difference of color(so it can look like weird).
    Do you understand what I´saying???
    (sorry my english is very bad)
  4. But I want to change everything. Can it be done?
  5. :sad: Unfortunately,change everything(I mean every vachetta parts) is not possible(I´m sure of that).Sorry.
  6. Oh noo!!! :crybaby:

    What do you think of the patina? Does it look too old?
  7. The best way is to bring it into LV and ask.They might be able to change all the vachetta but it might be too costly.:sweatdrop: As for the patina it really is personal preference....some like it dark and some don't.:smile:
  8. One of our members relaced all leather on her Speedy for around $300.
    I am pretty sure it can be done, but would it really be worth it?
  9. I think it looks perfect the way it looks unique and vintage...plz dont change it...:yes:
  10. ^^ I agree. I love it that way. :love: