Strap for Bolide....

  1. OK....I am so totally in love with my bolide...and trying to accessorize her. I usually wear her with a cadena on the side loop, and the shoulder strap attached, just in case i need a hands free moment, like today walking out of WIlliam Sonoma with my new and very heavy bread maker (with a gluten free setting-yay me).

    ANyway, I know a lot of you have worn your kellys with a longer strap so you can wear it messenger style. Has anyone tried that with the bolide? Where would I find a longer bj strap? The strap from my evelyne is about the same as the strap that comes with the bolide.

    Thanks in advance for your help!!!

  2. Princess, I love the Bolide too and your idea about wearing it messenger style sounds great! Why not ask your SA to order a longer strap for you? You can take your bag to the store and ask for help on having it fitted ( messenger style ) and get your SA to measure how long you would want your strap.

    I also attach a special cadena on the side. Of all the handbags I feel the Bolide "wears" a cadena/lock so especially well!
  3. I've wondered the same thing!!

    I think that a wide canvas strap would be great for the bolide!
  4. The Canvas Strap Is A Great Idea!!!!!!
  5. I like the canvas strap idea & also agree with isus that a custom strap could also be ordered to suit you perfectly!
  6. Bolide looks great strapped too!
  7. You can easily order a strap. They will reuse your hardware too which will save you a bit of $$$$$$$$$$! :smile:
  8. I fancied a strap for my Bolide but I wasn't able to order one.

    I've not tried in the UK, but in Nice in the South of France, I was told categorically that it was not possible so I tried again in Monaco. This time, the SA seemed keen, yes, she'll just check with Paris, then came back and said no, they don't do them for Bolides as it's not in the style of the bag. I explained that I had ordered one for my Kelly in the UK and wanted the same for my Bolide to be able to wear it messenger style. She took a strap off an evelyne and demonstarted it with a Bolide and to be honest, it didn't look quite as good as I thought it would BUT my Bolide is the smaller 31cm and structured, I think it might still work very well with a larger Bolide or at least softer more casual-looking leather. I think she was trying to demonstrate why they wouldn't do one for the Bolide - because it didn't look quite right.

    Unless there is a different policy in the UK, I've not asked yet, or if you are able to buy a strap by stealth ie pretend it's for a Kelly or a different length for an evelyn then I'm not sure it's possible and I remember the SA saying they would need to see the Kelly/evelyn too.

    I hope you have better luck than me, lol
  9. I have a canvas strap for a rigid 37 bolide and I love it. It is much more comfortable than the strap that comes with a Boilde, whether you use it messenger style or on shoulder.
  10. Thanks...i am going to try to order one next week!!! If anyone has pics, I would LOVE to see them!!! Do you know how long it takes to get it in?