strap extender?

  1. Hi, I bought a med leather carly today and the strap is shorter than I expected. I didn't really realize until i got it home :sad: I have a signature carly, and the strap is longer than this one. I have heard about strap extenders, Am i able to purchase one for this bag, and would it match to the purse??
    don't see them on the coach site?

    Thanks for any replies!
  2. My outlet had keyfobs that were leather with a dogleash closure at one end, and a ring at the other - I think they are called trigger keyfobs. You would unhook the dogleash closure on the Carly, clip it to the ring side of the keyfob, and then hook the dogleash closure of the keyfob onto the ring of the bag.

    Try going to an outlet to see if you can find one, or try eBay.
  3. the trigger key fob worked and matched perfectly and I didn't think of it until i saw the post .. thanks so much:heart: :idea: :heart: