Strange Question about LV Dust Covers...

  1. Are the dustbags/dustcovers specially treated with some material to prevent oxidation and wear of the leather/canvas/denim/vernis? I'm curious , since the care booklet only mentions storage in it's original bag, and the new Amarante pieces come with a special additional cloth. Any ideas?
  2. Not that I know of. The tags inside the dustbags state what material they are, not that they're treated. I think it's just meant to keep the dust and particles off of the bags when they're not in use.
    Also, the cloth that comes with the Amarante pieces (I got one with my Pegase) is just like a dustbag and is just given so one can wipe the fingerprints off, if any.
  3. good question, but I think LV is too cheap to make high tech dustbags.... lol
  4. ha ha
  5. Well it is a DUST bag. To keep dust away when stored. The yellowness of the dustbag has even been rumoured to speed up the yellowing of the vernis... :push:
  6. Did they change the fabric of the dust bag? My husband just bought me a Speedy from the LV in the Saks Fifth Avenue in Columbus, Ohio. My other bags came with a softer cloth dust bag and this Speedy came with a rougher, thinner cloth. Should I be worried?
  7. Not sure but I think it depends on the bag.

    My Vaslav and Ellipse both came with the "rougher" cotton cloth and the rest- Vernis, Damier, Epi and MC bags came with the softer dust cloth. All of them have come from the same LV boutique.
  8. The LV dustbags are now made of a cotton twill while the old dustbags were a harder linen type and the dustbags before that were a flannel material.
  9. That makes sense now. I checked the dust bag for my Trouville and it was a rougher cloth. I like the soft flannel dust bag I got with my Pochette the best.