Strange, Pricey Vuittons on eBay: What would you get?


Which of these would you buy?

  1. Klara Vienna

  2. White jeans

  3. fancy pouchette

  4. bag with no pic

  5. Cadillac

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  1. I was browsing ebay, keyword vuitton and organized by highest price first (wishful thinking on my part really). I wanted to look past the gorgeous steamer trunks and see what else is so expensive Just some interesting pieces:

    These ones really had me confused. Louis Vuitton jeans? They look auth to me, but totally unflattering and hugely expensive at $1,399.

    Here's a good one: a seller who apparantly detests other sellers who sell fakes, yet doesn't bother with posting actual pics of the bag he's trying to sell for $2,799.

    I was gaping at this Klara Vienna for a while. $14,000?!?! I know its croc and sumptuous leather, but I completely detest the purple color.;)

    I really like this one purely for the fact that they took one of Lv's most inexpensive products, tacked some studs and suede on it, and Viola! $6,995 It's nice; but $7k nice?

    When I saw our last contender, I knew it had to be included. A demure Cadillac that has been tasefully upgraded has endured less than 194,000 pampered miles before being seized by the police. 33 bids have shot this car up to $3,250.

    So the question is: Which one would you buy?
    lv jeans.jpg rip.jpg lv vienna.jpg lv caddy.jpg lv caddy 2.jpg exp po.jpg
  2. i'd say the Klara Vienna?! i think the colour is ok - hmm, its a tough one as i've never driven a Cadillac before its quite tempting.... hehehe!
  3. i think the car is tacky but if ur really desperate to vuittonify your car it usually means you have some sort of fashion style and realise that something on that level is highly distasteful, i would think a more classic MC seat interior would do but the fact that it is highly illegal (and i have heard of cases not sure how reliable where vuitton has the right to impound your car over it and has acted on that) but the counterfit interior or stencleing would contradict any serious vuitton fans idea of achieving this.
    i chose the pouchette, because i hate the monogram on clothes (exlcuding ties and scarfs) similarly to the burberry check you cant take it in large doses, i think the disapearing bag is way way to unsecure and i have never liked the purple bag collection
  4. I couldn't bring myself to vote,all these items are :sick: looking.
  5. I particularly hate the eponge, it makes no sense !!

    I'd go with the klara vienna, doesn't Sharron Stone have one too ?
  6. I am all about LV but that car is completely ridiculous. I am already embarrassed for the person that will be driving it. :lol: :sick:
  7. vachett.jpg als vachet.jpg
  8. I actually like the vachetta alma! ^^:biggrin:
  9. The Vachetta Alma
  10. klara vienna
  11. Klara Vienna all the way. Poor poor seville.
  12. I actually like the vachetta alma. Do you think it is authentic?
  13. Klara!!!:love: :love: :love:
  14. The poor vachetta alma looks naked! I'd go Caddy, c'mon, if you're going to go tacky, go all the way ;)