Strange post, but... Does anyone own a DYSON vacuum?

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  1. I'm a straight up clean freak, lets just start with that.

    I'm renting out a house for college and obviously need a vacuum. I want the best. I've seen SO many ads for these cleaning machines, and always think to myself... "Are they really THAT good??". I went to Sears today to look at one in person, and was impressed, but what about y'all? Can you vouch for it's performance, or not? It's a lot of money to waste on a vacuum, especially if it doesn't work!!! :P
  2. OMG - yes, I have one and I love it.

    You would not believe the amount of dog hair this vacuum picks up. I have the ball dyson, the new one, it is amazing. I have cubital carpal tunnel so cleaning with ordinary vaccuums was hell on my wrists.

    I highly recommend the Dyson to everyone.

    Even my husband likes to vaccuum with it - it is seriously the best vaccuum ever.
  3. Oh and it is so easy to swith attachments, I can vaccuum my enitre stair case (2 levels) without carrying the vaccum upstairs, the hose stretches that far.

    You will not believe what your vaccuum is leaving on your carpets.

    When we first got it we vaccuumed with the old vaccuum, and then with the Dyson right after, HOLY COW - the amount of dirt our old vaccuum was leaving in the carpets.

    And with mine you can go from carpet to hardwoods by hitting a button, do you know how cool it is to be able to vaccuum my hardwoods.

    You must buy one.
  4. Wow, thank you so much Loganz! I was so nervous that I was going to make a bad choice, now I know what to do. I plan on getting two pouches as well, so the dog hair being taken care of is a great thing. I plan on going to this website to purchase... . It's less expensive than the Dyson website, and there's free shipping! I'm excited now! Thank you! ^_^
  5. Awesome, I'm thrilled! I was a little worried that no one here would be able to help me... so thanks so much! :amuse:
  6. You know they sell them at WalMart, we got ours at Target because WalMart was out; but, WalMart has Dyson's at low prices too.
  7. Very nice! What did you pay?
  8. To be honest I think it was around $529, I cannot remember exactly; but, I remember with tax it was close to or a little over $550. What I can say is that it is worth every penny.
  9. I have the purple one for animal hair. It worked great at first, but now I think it's carp. I only had a for about a year. It does lose its suction after awhile. Yes, I do empty it and clean/wash the filter whatever, which I think it's very painful because I have 2 dogs. I need to clean it at least once a month. I also think it is very expensive for what you get. I think my old Hoover worked just as well if not better in the long run. I also don't like the fact that it doesn't come with a light. You will miss it if you had one on your old vacuum. I am sorry to say that I don't like it. I read a lot of positive reviews before purchasing it. I am very disappointed!
  10. I'm sorry for your bad experience!
  11. if you need any help or have any questions on models or anything, i work in the appliance department at Best Buy and am VERY familiar with the dyson line (and they're worth every penny, IMO). i also know about the accessories, etc. that you might need or want. i'd be more than happy to help in any way. i have kind of a unique perspective since i've used them all and see what comes back and what people complain about.

    i will say that you definately want to get a DC14 or DC15 model over a DC07. the DC15s are more because they're based on a ball system rather than the traditional four wheels, which is kind of cool if you have a lot of furniture you're trying not to bump (they're quite nimble). the difference between the DC07s (the very first model) and the DC14s (the updated version) are in the handle attachment (the DC14's is much easier to use the hose w/ the tools) and in the sucking system. some of the DC07s were actually damaging fragile carpet, so they modified the DC14s and they don't do that anymore. the DC14's design is also nicer looking and the accessories have more clear parts (easier to find where a clog is). my favorite is the Animal, which they make in all three models. it has a nice attachment for getting up pet hair.
  12. Goodness! Thank you Amanda! Have you heard about the "DC15 Total Clean"?
  13. I have the Dyson aminal which I happen to have bought from Best Buy! It's amazing (and heavy) because it picks up so much crap! The only thing is that I'm pretty anal, and like to see 'lines' when I vaccuum and the brush thingy on the bottom isn't very deep.
  14. yep! that's the one that's based on the ball so the turning radius is much better for getting around table legs and things.

    the dirty little secret of dyson is that within the model line (DC14, for example), all of the vacuums are the same - the price difference is based on the type of accessories it comes with (mini turbine head, low reach tool, etc). if there's, like, one specific extra thing that you want (the mini turbine head is the most useful, IMO), just get the basic one and then get that separately if it's less (it depends on the store you're at as to whether it'll be less than getting the vaccuum that includes it). also, Best Buy has a special going on right now where you get a car care kit for free (i think) that has a bunch of cool attachments when you buy any dyson. there's some kind of deal with the car kit free, anyway, i can't remember the details. if you have a best buy near you, it might be worth checking out.
  15. ...get out. FREE STUFF! That's always a good thing! AND! There's a Best Buy 5 minutes away from me (on foot!). I think I still want to wait until I move into the house to buy one though. Maybe by then there will be another model out! :idea: Thanks for your help Amanda!