Stores ship scarves?

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  1. I know they won't ship bags (why, oh why do I live so far away, o Mothership?), but will they gift wrap and ship a scarf? I can order online, but I'd feel better calling up the store closest to my friend. She's turning 40, and I thought a little orange therapy would help ease the pain. Thanks ladies!
  2. They should ship it, but what to ship to whom is up to the discretion of the store.
  3. I have not encountered a store yet that won't ship scarves. Some will only take Amex cards.
  4. Grrr. . . Just called the NY store, the name & address on the credit card must match the name & address for shipping. What use is that?
  5. Welllll... you can always send it on to her once you get it.
  6. I could have it shipped here, except I've waited till the last possible day. But the good news is if you do it online you don't have to do the matching address thing. Yay!
  7. BTW, if, for example your shipping address doesnt match your billing address, AMEX will allow you to call in and add another address. In that event H can ship to the second address.:yes:
  8. Thats good...they have a nice selection online too! You are a very sweet friend!