Stock at Troy, Michigan Saks - reissues and more

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  1. brookly flap - $2795
    gold metallic reissue 2.25 - $1995 only 1 available
    navy patent reissue with gold hardware 2.27 - $2495 only 1 available
    modern chain hobo blk glazed - $2495
    2.55 Limited Edition Pearl reissue - $3225 only 1 available

    ask for Diane, she's there till 9PM
  2. I would love to see a pic of the pearl reissue.
  3. I saw the pearl reissue in person at chanel. It is an e/w style. It is about 9.50 by 4. The one that Saks received is the same size, as is the one expected by NM.
  4. too bad they don't sell the old stock with the old price.
  5. hi takeoutbox, the gold reissue must be the smaller size 2.25? since the price is 1995 usd? thanks
  6. yes minnie, it's the 2.25. that's the old price. really great deal.
  7. takeout the 2.25 is in size 225?
  8. yes, i meant the size 225
  9. they also have:
    brown flap with the MM closure and the new bijoux chain - $2595 - jumbo
    blk and dark brown flap with MM closure and the classic leather woven chain - $2695 - jumbo
    smocked flap bags in black in large, and white in small
  10. thanks for your update!
  11. do you know what type of leather the black jumbo, MM closure has?

    TIA :smile:
  12. Ivy, I'm pretty sure the $2,695 black jumbo w/ Mademoiselle closure & classic leather woven chain is the distressed lambskin version -- the hardware is like an aged/darker silver, and the lambskin material looks distressed (easier to take care of than regular lambskin IMO). I caressed that exact bag recently and debated whether to get it. HTH!
  13. Wow ... thanks for sharing takeoutbox! The gold is really such a great deal!