Stock at Saks Greenwich - also, I saw a silver cotton club tote!!!

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  1. Hi ladies! :smile: I was at the Saks in Greenwich, CT today to exchange my new chain black caviar jumbo for the classic chain black jumbo (my mom surprised me with the former!), and noticed that the selection there is way better and more extensive than Saks, Ny haha. Also, if anyone is looking for what seems to be the very hard to find silver cotton club tote in the medium size, I saw one!!! :smile: Ask for Margie Vogel (203-862-5340), and tell her that the girl who exchanged her black new chain jumbo for the old chain who was there with her friend sent you (haha, a mouthful). :tup: Some other bags/accessories I remember seeing:

    Sale baby animals items - bracelet, visor, a flap, two pairs of CC silver earrings, dangling I believe, etc.
    -Amazing tweed jackets (black/white, pastel, etc. but ouch, close to 5K and 40% off, I couldn't do it)! :sweatdrop:
    -Sale table with various Mademoiselle line pieces in white and brown lambskin.

    - The "hybrid" reissue mademoiselle lock, black jumbo
    - The "hybrid" reissue mademoiselle lock, brown jumbo
    - A bag that looked like a red/rust color with the mademoiselle lock and silver hardqware
    - Various classic flaps, mini, small, medium/large and jumbo in lamb and caviar (saw black, camel)
    - Pink PST with gold hardware, some pink flaps I believe
    - Soft and Chain in black
    - Python pieces (can't remember which ones though, sorry)
    - Bowlers (red luxury ligne calf), etc.
    - Medallion totes
    Also, if you ship an item from CT to NY, no tax!! :tup:
  2. OMG, Did you mention the baby animals flap??? What color did you see there?? I've already ordered one, but still haven't see it yet. Been waiting for too long. And I think Saks got a better deal on those sales baby animal. Let me know if what you saw today was the baby animal flap, if so, then I need to call your SA first thing tmr. TIA.
  3. Hi there. :smile: I *think* I saw the pink baby animals flap, but, I was too distracted trying on bags and talking to my friend to remember for certain. :sad: It couldn't hurt to ask the SA though... I've never purchased from her before today actually, but she was quite helpful! Good luck. :tup:

  4. OHHH, am so excited!! Hopefully it's still there tmr. Thanks for the head up. muahhh!
  5. What's a hybrid reissue? I'm looking for a brown jumbo.
  6. What color were the mini"s?
  7. Do they also ship internationally?
  8. Regina07 - Hi! This was a brown jumbo... not sure about the leather, looked like calfskin (definitely NOT lambskin), and the straps were significantly shorter than the regular jumbo straps. The lock was the Mademoiselle reissue closure, not the CC lock. It was a gorgeous Chanel bag... more on the casual side IMO! :smile: I'm a brown bag lover myself, but I have too many right now haha.

    aprilvalentine - Hi! I think I remember seeing beige, pink, white and black. :smile:

    iqaganda - Hi... not sure about this actually... I can call them and find out for you if you'd like... are you referring to shipping to Hong Kong?
  9. FieryfashionistI just called the store, asked for Margie, the lady who answered the phone said that Margie hasn't work there for sometimes. I thought she was weird, but oh well that what she said. I asked her to check for the baby animal for me, she refused to do it right away, but said that she'll call me back. If you could call the chanel counter for me, can you please ask for the baby flap and have it one hold for me??? many thanks.
  10. Hi there... hmm... no baby animals flap. :sad: Only a diaper bag she said... sorry... I hope you manage to get one from the original place you mentioned before! :tup:

  11. They don't. :sad:

  12. Oh okay, thank you very much for doing this for us. You're amazing! I already got my pink baby animal flap. I was just hoping it would go onsale more :smile: But it's okay now, cuz I dont have to call around and ask for it. Thank you again.
  13. i just called, and was told there's nothing in pink left.
  14. takeoutbox, didn't you just get a pinkbowler?? If i remember correctly, you got the bowler too at the NYC store??
  15. no, i didn't buy the bowler. i bought the mini flap, but now, regreting not getting the medallion tote. so i'm on the hunt