Stock at NM Newport Beach

  1. As of Thursday, here are some interesting items they had in stock:
    - Reissue in navy patent with gold chain in 226 size
    - Matte gold flap
    - Chocolate/chocolate patent cc cambon mini-reporter
    - Cloudy Bundle N/S tote in black and beige
    - Claudia's denim tote
    - GST white/silver
    - Lots of soft and chain
    - Cotton club tote in black and bronze
    - Expandable Totes in black, white, navy
    - Jumbo caviar flap white/silver
    - Large lambskin flap with the new chain in black
    If interested, please call Coleen in Designer Handbags at 949-759-1900 and tell her Lani sent you.
  2. how much is the reissue? tks
  3. Thanks for posting!
  4. They have a silver GST? Been looking for one!!
  5. Can you describe the matte gold flap for me? Do you mean that it's matte gold color as a whole? is it reissue 2.55, which size is it?:confused1:

    Many thanks!!!:yes:


  6. I'm pretty sure it's $2195.

    ppsam -The whole bag is a beautiful matte champagne color. I can't remember if it was cc lock or not.

    sbhunz - the GST is white w/ silver hardware.
  7. the matte gold bag does have the cc lock and it was still there as of yesterday