Stock at Neiman Marcus San Francisco

  1. sale bags
    2 large marron grand matelasses, $1336
    6 vert gazon whistles, $711
    cream whistle
    2 black whistles
    3 brown/black doctor's bag (ring style from f/w 06), $1001
    vert gazon croc city
    black croc work

    regular hardware
    sapin work, day
    emerald first, day
    greige afternoon
    black afternoon, day, work, weekender, brief
    camel mid-afternoon
    cafe brief
    marron day, work, twiggy, purse (veiny) first

    giant hardware
    vermillion hobo
    truffle brief (2), work
    aquamarine (cobalt) brief, giant traveler
    periwinkle (bleu glacier) weekender
    white day, hobo, brief
    cafe part-time, city
    black part-time, city, brief, giant traveler
  2. Thanks for posting!
  3. Any idea how much those croc bags are on sale? *sigh*
  4. kimair, any idea how much for below?

    1) giant black part-time and city and
    2) regular marron work

  5. Man, I really need to buy a car but I love vert gazon whistles. I guess I'll have to pass on the Balenciaga for now.
  6. sanity...the part time and work were regular price...

    yslalice...i tried to find out the prices of the croc bags, but they were locked in a case and i couldn't find a sa to help me...:confused1:
  7. I saw this one in person today :drool:
  8. Oh! I also returned my oval clutches to the NM SF store.

    The greige is on hold for someone :heart:
    The truffle should be available :yes:

    Ask for Peggy Obrien @ 877 634-6264 x 2166 -- She is very knowledgable about Balenciaga's, and sweet too!!!
  9. Very good selection there. The selection in Jersey stores is horrible.
  10. was back today (7/7) and here what i saw on the floor:

    regular hardware
    black: work, part time, first, afternoon
    sapin: work, day
    emerald: day (2)
    ocean: first, brief
    tabac: first
    mogano: day, flat messenger
    camel (f/w 06): first, afternoon
    marron (f/w 06): twiggy, purse, work
    steel: city, weekender

    giant silver hardware
    black: brief, city, part time, besace

    giant gold hardware
    black: part time, work, city, day, hobo, brief
    mastic: hobo
    tomato: hobo, part time
    white: day
    cafe: city, work
    aquamarine: weekender
    truffle: city

    black medium
    black clutch
  11. Oooh. Thanks for posting, kimair.