Stimulating the Economy

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  1. Someone made a comment in another thread about LV purchases stimulating the economy. So it made me wonder why so many dislike the MUS bags. If we were to all buy a MUS bag, that could result in more Americans having a job in the US factory. What are your thoughts? Do we not have faith in the American workers?
  2. If you can, you might want to change the heading on this to alert readers that it's for US posters only.
  3. I think maybe because the new cloth tags are hideous. I could care less where the bag was made. I just wish the leather tag was still stamped made in USA rather than the cloth tag. That being said, my only LV bag is made in USA with the cloth tag. I still love her. My hub and I have taken extra steps to look for equivalent made in USA products when we go shopping. It's hard!
  4. totally agree with you!
    it's like the auto industry with our economy.

    I'm canadian and love to buy canadian made goods.

    I don't mind MIUSA bags or even cloth tags, if i get a MIF that's a just a bonus. I figured eventually all the louis bags available in canadian stores will all be MIUSA & with cloth tags, just a matter of time. I was told by a SA that bags under $2500 are all MIUSA.
  5. I used to want MIF bags only but after a while and some thought, I actually don't mind the MIU. I just mind the cloth tags but if I could find a bag heat stamped with MIU I wouldn't mind purchasing it. Honestly though, I only have 1 MIU bag and that's my Speedy 25 Azur. All the others I ordered just happen to be MIF and MIS.
  6. Not entirely true on the only bags MIF are over $2500. None of my bags are over $2500 and they're all made MIF and MIS with the exception of one: my Speedy 25 Azur.
  7. Okay.
  8. Never been a factor if the bag was MIF OR MIU OR MIS for LV. LV is LV...

    As for the economy...I'm more conscious of made in china. I try to avoid Chinese made products as much as possible. Hard but not impossible.
  9. I can't on my iPhone. :sad:
  10. i agree, i forgot to argue with her that my trevi pm was MIF and was purchased recently... i just didnt wanna bother to argue as i just wanna purchase my artsy and leave...
  11. Yeah I agree with you... I saw the Favorite and Eva both MIF in store. I'm not sure how they decide which ones will be made where. I heard it depends on popularity and demand in the USA.
  12. My husband and I do the same. Made in China is everywhere. Sometimes you pay a little more for a Made in USA product, but we feel it is worth it. It takes some hunting, but I feel like we all should start supporting American made products.
  13. Thanks. You are an exception. I've read so many post about people not wanting MIUS bags as if they are subpar. I understand LV is a French company and my question is not in relation to that--more so creating jobs for Americans.
  14. Yep that's pretty much it. Since the Speedy is in such demand, they're producing them here now so that's why I rarely see MIF Speedys. But again, I don't mind because I got one heat stamped. I'm sure when I wanna buy another Speedy soon, it'll have the cloth tag *gasp*
  15. Yea, I understand. HAHA sometimes I don't feel like chit chatting either. Although I'll always ask how someone is. Other than that, I just want my LV and take it home to go smell. HAHA