Still Yearning For A Gustto

  1. Does anyone have my same problem? I have a Gustto itch. Problem is I don't know which one I have to have. I had a Medium Setela, but there were a few issues so back it went to Saks where I found the most awesome Marc Jacobs instead. So can anyone make a suggestion? I love casual handbags. (We don't go out on the town much.) Please help!!!
  2. :heart:I've been wanting the large Gustto Setela in Caramel for ages, ever since I first laid eyes on it. Such soft and amazing leather, plus I am a fan of huge bags. What was wrong with your Medium Setela? I really like some of the new Gustto styles, specifically this one:
    Gustto Biagio Sora Bag

  3. i have a black parina with gold hardware and its the best..

  4. That is super cute! It such a big departure from Gustto bags of the past, KWIM? There is so much more structure in the bag pictured above, and the hardware is muted in a very soft and pretty way. LOVE IT!
  5. I agree, it IS really different and a new direction for Gustto, and I think that is a great thing!
  6. OMG, the Biagio is so cute! The color and the hardware are just perfect.
  7. I completely understand! I LOVE Gustto, and was wondering if there were any more gustto lovers out there. I have a baca, but I really really really want a setela. What was wrong with your medium setela?
  8. love gustto...have been lusting for a baca for MONTHS
  9. I love Gustto. I bought 2 bacas, a cala, and a medium setela. Still love them! Always did and always will!
  10. I want a Gustto really bad too!!! I saw some really cute ones on a tPFers Showcase and am so in love! I don't see very good sales on them however so I haven't quite got around to purchasing one just yet...
  11. Ditto.
  12. yeah me too, i keep hoping to find one on sale for 200 or so...i don't think that wil ever happen tho:crybaby:
  13. Yes, I am still kicking myself for missing out on the cognac Parina that Revolve had on sale!
  14. Where could they go on sale? In store or online? I just started looking at this brand, but have no clue where I can find on sale information.
  15. Do the new Gusttos have new lining? I like the style of the bags, but that lining is just frightening to me! I would love it if the new bags had new lining!