Still possible to find a Firebird Red Turnlock Bowler or Teri Shopper?

  1. I think I screwed up and waited too long... :crybaby: I can't find the Firebird Red color anywhere!

    Has anyone seen them available anywhere? TIA! :heart:
  2. the red was the first to sell out in a lot of places. I saw a red bowler at a bloomingdales on long island, but that was two weeks ago. ... try calling up some bloomies.
  3. had the Teri in firebird red a few days ago but now they're all sold out. You may want to keep checking their site in case they get some more.
  4. Bloomingdale's SF has the bowler and satchel in red as of yesterday. Good luck!
  5. love,bags - Did you find one yet?
  6. There's a Marc by MJ turnlock Tina (don't know if that's the style you want) in that color on eBay right now. I skimmed over it, so I don't have the number. But you can search Marc Jacobs turnlock and find it. Can't vouch for authenticity.
  7. that bag is authentic. i just looked it up. ... selling for more than retail though... a few bucks over.
  8. The firebird red bowler and satchel are still there as of 1 p.m. today. You may want to give them a call.
  9. love,bags - now you have me craving a firebird red piece!! hmmm the firebird red looks mighty fine on the satchel....
  10. Love the firebird.... :smile: It really is a great color.
  11. The MBMJ boutique in NY has the Fierbird Red Turnlock Tote still. They can ship anywhere for 60$. I called them up to see if they had it in black, but didnt ask about the bowler, perhaps they still have it as well. Its worth a shot and at least you know its real.
  12. They have them in red at Eluxury when I checked alittle bit ago. Good luck!! I just ordered one in Black from Zappos just now. Can't wait to get it.
  13. ELUXURY has the FIREBIRD bowler. I just ordered the YAM color.
    I also use the BETH code to get the MJ wallet.
  14. Nordstrom has the bowler in Firebird Red! Hurry up!:yahoo:Please post pics of you carrying your bags when you get them!