still looking for perfect white slouchy bag...

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  1. okay how about this one? I keep going back and forth. I like it but it keeps reminding me of a used diaper. what do you think?

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  2. It's a no for me, since you said that about a used diaper, I can't get that thought out of my head :lol:
  3. OMG! thats the one! I saw a Furla like this but didn't like the price. thanks!!!! I'll post a photo if I get it. Love it!

    I even love the lining!
  4. u wanted slouchy? wat about the gaucho bag? theres a mini one but i dont know if i have a pic
  5. I'm not feeling the gaucho so much. I like the way it looks, but not on me.
  6. Do you like Rafe New York? On Nordstrom's website, there is a nice looking studded hobo and satchel. I think the style is called Rivington knotted hobo and knotted shoulder bag. They have it in the bone color. Eva Longoria (from Desperate Housewives) has the knotted hobo.
  7. yeah I scoured the entire purse collection on some came close but I guess I'm just too picky.
  8. How about the Balenciaga Hobo? I actually put it on hold because it was so pretty.
  9. I like the HH or the balenciaga. I think those are two great choices!:nuts:
  10. i'm really considering getting the white HH myself, it's so pretty. i'm going to wait until it gets a little warmer, though.
  11. You can also get a huge tassel to go on the HH! Please post pics of the bag if you get it. I'm really loving that style and they have a mulberry and green color that I love. also I like the Botkier Trigger too and it doesn't remind me of a diaper in any way!
  12. The HH white bag up on the post is very cute!
  13. Apparently if you order the Hayden-Harnett hobo from and give the code "luckymag" there's a discount (see April "Lucky" magazine for details).
  14. oooooh. thanks. believe it or not, I'm still trying to decide. I've spent so much on bags and shoes in the last 2 weeks, I need to calm down and spend less! (hence, I won't even look at the Balenciaga! too tempting!)