Still hunting for the perfect everyday bag....

  1. I've been looking for a new every day bag for months now. I need something with a lot of pockets so I can separate all my gadgets (iPod, PDA, portable hard disk) from my usual girl bits. It needs to be a good size, but not huge. Not heavy either, as all my gadgets are heavy enough.

    Not sure I want to drop serious cash for it - in a perfect world I think I would go for something like a Chloe Betty messenger style but I'm not sure I want to spend that sort of money.

    I'm in the UK so it kind of makes it difficult. I quite like this Ollie & Nic bag but not sure it's big enough.

    Ollie & Nic Leather Sandy Bag: Stylish leather fashion handbags for women

    Colours - neutral - camels, browns, taupes, maybe consider dark blues, greys.

    Can anyone think of anything that might fit the bill? Tall order I know!
  2. I like it - not sure about that color for everyday but it's a nice bag.
  3. Have u ever had a Tabitha bag? the leather is gorgeous! i have the Quinny in mettalic pink from a few years back when it was called ORCA, it has LOADS of pockets and space, so is easy to keep it organised ( i used mine as a nappy bag) and the best thing is, its in the sale at the mo!

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  4. I was going to suggest tabitha bag too or is it external pockets you are after?
  5. Don't really like any of the Tabitha bags at the moment. Like the idea of a messenger flybetjo - that Jimmy Choo is heaven but out of budget for me at present and not enough pockets.
  6. Hi, I think that Ollie & Nic bag is cute. What's your budget, may I ask?
  7. I'd go for the brown in the Ollie & Nic. Not sure of budget really - probably about £250ish I think.

    I dunno really. Perhaps I should just save for the Chloe that I REALLY want (if I can find one that is!)
  8. Good reasonably priced everyday bag, pockets are great but I would prefer a darker colour in it, would look richer IMHO!
  9. I'd say make do and save up for the chloe that you REALLY want if possible! How many pockets do you want????
  10. I know! I have the same problem with all of my favorite bags too... not enough compartments or pockets so I have to dig around for the longest time before I can find anything!

    Have you thought about Pursekets though? I'm definitely thinking about getting them, seems like they would be great for organizing!
  11. LV Manhattan GM? Loads of space inside AND big pockets in the front so you can get to your stuff really fast. And LV canvas is OK for drizzly English days!
  12. Not my thing and not within budget, but thanks anyway
  13. Chloes do tend to be on the heavier side though, even the lighter styles. Plus, will you be worried about a Chloe getting banged up as an everyday bag?