still feeling a bit sick but here is the reveal

Nov 5, 2010
Hello ladies. Told you all yesterday that I purchased a black bays with gold h/w. Soft spongy leather from the outlet at Bicester. I also walked away with another small purchase that the s/a told me was quite a rare find for an outlet. Don't know if she was spinning me a line and I've never uploaded pics before so heres hoping it works.
Jan 31, 2009
Click into 'Go Advanced', then the paperclip sign comes up on the top row - click on that, then a box comes up - where you can add photos from your PC etc by clicking on 'upload' (just have to be careful on the sizes though)

Close box off, then click back onto paperclip and there should be your photos on a list??


Jan 1, 2010
If the photos are too big the easiest way is to use Photobucket. Upload the photos to Photobucket & use the link (think the link is last box of four when you hover the mouse over the photo you want to add) from Photobucket to add back to tpf.