Sticky Zippers

  1. Can anyone recommend a product for sticky zippers? Thanks.
  2. I think they make zipper wax - may be sold in fabric/sewing stores?
  3. I use a clear scent and taste free chapstick along the edges of my tight or sticky zipper bags. A few applications and they run much better.
  4. That's good info to know :smile: thanks for sharing your tips!
  5. Beeswax will do the trick.

  6. i've heard this too
  7. crayons will also work!
  8. Yeah definitely been posted before. I used candlewax.
  9. Hi, Hope this helps vaseline or candle wax.. Works great!! :smile:
  10. i have used wax paper and a small clean light white/clearish waxed candle on my bags. it works. you really only need the slightest bit