Steve Madden Ginn

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  1. I waited months for these Givenchy knock offs to go further on sale. I wouldn't spend more on them because being 110mm with no platform, they're only good for wearing around campus and short trips into the city. Definitely gorgeous gorgeous shoes, though. They're a pretty narrow fit, so I have all sorts of cuts, blisters, and strange marks on my feet after a few hours of wear.

  2. SSSSexy!! Esp. with a plain black dress...let the shoes do the talking!
  3. They look good, you wear a lot of skinny jeans so I am sure you are going to pull off some great outfits. Congrats.
  4. well pain is beauty, no?

    they look fab though.
  5. beautiful on you!!!!!! I love Ginn!!!
  6. Wow, they look hot on you!
  7. Wow, very sexy! They look great on you!