Stephen Dweck Necklace- Opinions please!

  1. Hey everyone.. i just ordered this Stephen Dweck necklace from NM on sale for $131 reduced from $375

    What do you guys think of it? The bigger more boho jewlery isn't typically 'my thing' so i'm feeling a bit uneasy about it. I'm hoping it will look great with all my Spring and Summer things. Do you think this look is soon to be outdated? Does anyone own any of his things and do you think it's worth the price?

    Opinions pleasseee!


    Thanks so much for your help!!:heart:
  2. I like it. It will look cute with lots of different tops/outfits. Take some photos when you get it?
  3. I like it. Great colors for summer outfits.
  4. Hi, Great necklace-I own several Stephen Dweck necklaces, in the bronze/cooper and in the silver lines, and earrings and love his pieces, definitely worth the price., once in a while I have seen a piece at the NM last call. Enjoy it.
  5. Yes I think it's definently worth the price. Stephen Dweck pieces have good resale values so if you ever want to sell it, it should sell well near the price you have purchased it for. Lovely necklace and a great deal. Congrats!!
  6. Thanks for your help and opinions! It has made me feel a lot better about my purchase!! :smile:

    Oh, and i'll take a couple photos when it arrives :heart:
  7. I'm always looking at Stephen Dweck pieces because they are so unique. I like the necklace you purchased. It's lovely. The prices are steep, but I find that his stuff goes on sale every now and then.
  8. My Stephen Dweck earrings, (crystal clear emerald cut) from Bergdorf's are my favorite earrings (among many) - I love his stuff, your necklace is adorable, will be a wonderful accent piece.
  9. I like it. It'll be fun to wear in Spring and Summer! Nice!:happydance: :happydance:
  10. I just put a bracelet on layaway at Ann's Fabulous Finds. I don't suppose you have a link to your necklace? I can't find it on the NM site.

    Here's my bracelet:
  11. I love that!
  12. Love that! Wish i could pull off huge jewelry like that, especially bracelets.. but my wrists are so small that it always either falls right off or just looks absolutly silly.. or both, hehe
  13. I have the opposite problem. I'm a larger gal, so I look ridiculous in jewelry that's too dainty.
  14. :tup:Hi! I love your bracelet. (The post above my post) If ever you want to part with it, can I have it? The colors are just devine! As for the Dweck, necklace heading this can't go wrong with Dweck. His pieces are unique and timeless.
  15. -LOL, that was my bracelet!

    I have so many of his pieces, I love the huge chunky look he used to do. IMO he does not do the same kind of things as he used to, and I admire his newer things, but am not tempted to buy. I started collecting more than 10 years ago. I decided to part with some that I hadn't worn at all or worn much. ISn't it gorgeous?

    Glad it went to a tpf-er!