Step bags in Bal NY

  1. ok here i go again. requested pictures of their step bags in Bal NY and this is what she (Crystal) sent me....olive green, ocean, cream, tomato, and cinnamon.

    they also have black, marigold, and sienna, not included in the pics.
  2. Great pic! Love the step!
  3. Wow! I'm lovin' that Ocean! :tup:
  4. Oh man....that beautiful!
  5. I so didn't need to see this pic! That olive is tdf!
  6. Oh no-
    I really didn't need to see that- I'm trying to be good.:angel:
    I don't think I can- I want a Step- So much talk on the Step- you gals are sucking me right in..... help!
  7. sorry guys!!! hahaha....i had to share them!!

    i am totally in love with the Ocean too!!! I need a bag in that color!!!!!!!!!
  8. thanks
  9. I would have loved to see the other steps too! THANK YOU though for posting!
  10. Question, how much is the step? thanks
  11. 1165 $ in the US I believe
  12. The cinnamon one looks so yummy@
  13. Thanks for posting!!:tup:

    That Ocean is gorgeous......:drool:

    It's great to see the Step in all of those colors!