Stella McCartney stuff available now...

  1. ... on a pre-order basis at Seems kinda pricey to me. But I did order a bunny. I'll never carry it, but I have to have it! Maybe i'll store something in it in my closet!?
  2. omg that cosmetics case...I have the same style just LeSportsac it for $6 on sale. I would never pay that much for a cosmetics case even if it's Stella McCartney! those prices are steeper than Tokidokis!
  3. ooo hhtnaks for sharing.. I kind of want a laptop case... but it seems kind of pricey- I'll need to see it in person and see if it will actually protect my laptop... I wish tokidoki would make one for about $65 or so...
  4. they are sooooooo expensive! somebody at lesportsac had their thiniking cap on this time--with the pre-order thing. they totally overproduced that assume vivid astro focus line, as well as other special lines (boutique for example!). i guess that means that stellas bags won't show up at the outlet any time soon!

    they all look so nice, but the prices are ridiculous. i like the bunny, but it's very small!!
  5. ohh, I like the quilted hobo but $350?? uh no! maybe if it came in the grey quilted, then I might get it. This color would get so dirty, I couldn't justify spending that much for something that's gonna get dirty fast.

  6. the bunny is sorta cute in the solid (but again $120 for a kid's bag??), I wonder exactly how much it can hold:

  7. I wish they showed a pic of the inside of this, it looks cute:

  8. Totally agree with you. This hobo is the only other bag I really liked, but not for $350 and not for a color that will get dirty fast! Wonder if they will have to offer discounts (like the 25% in the LeSportsac boutique). Otherwise, i'll just stick with my Bunny!
  9. yeah... its way too expensive for me :sad: sad cause i like a lot of the stuff!!
  10. Some of its cute but there's nothing that would make me want to pay those prices- might pick up a little something if they make it to the outlets though.
  11. Oooh the hobo is cute.. but I'd rather wait for that to hit the outlet !
  12. Oooooh all those styles look hot! Agree...not sure if I'd pay $350 for that hobo
  13. i agree about the colors. that hobo would be fabulous in the quilted gray. i wonder if any of these will make it to the outlets, i'm sure they're only going to produce limited quantities based on pre orders and sales projections. i think they're only going to carry them in their own stores. i'd love to see them reduced, but i think the possibility of that happening is small. cute bags, too pricey. before i'd buy one of those i'd get a tokidoki or two or even one of the boutique bags.
  14. the quilted fabric is super cute but all bags are all too expensive! :tdown:
  15. Oh.. that quilted hobo is darling!! But I agree.. to much money for such a light color. :sad: