Stella help anyone?

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  1. Does the bottom of the Stella always have the seam in the center where the two pieces of leather are sewn together? Or are the bottoms of some Stellas one smooth piece of leather? Thanks!
  2. I am Stella-less today, and I just can't remember right now! Anyone else have their stella with them?

    (I have a feeling there is a seam, but I don't want to say I'm certain until I look at my bags.)
  3. I have my black LE Stella, and there is a seam on the bottom in the middle of the bag.
  4. I have a wine color Stella and it also has the seam in the middle.
  5. Hi Tami! Just thought I'd post for the other forum members. My taupe Stella has one vertical seam in the middle of my bag's bottom.
  6. Hey there, the best of my knowledge, all Stellas have the bottom seam. Between my friends' Stellas and my own, I can verify that the following do indeed have the seam:

    Sap, Indigo, Cucumber, Brick, Faded Brick, Washed Rose, Grey, Berry, Black (w/ pink cotton lining), Peppermint, Oatmeal, Thistle

    Stellas should never have metal feet...;)
  7. S4M, dying of envy. That's a total of 12 Stellas.....
    Haven't seen you here lately, I thought about you when I came across a Marina on ebay. How do you like it?

  8. Hey, bag.lover! Things have been out-of-hand crazy and hectic. It's hard to find even a spare second here or there for tPF lately...just enough time to poke in and read a short thread or two, but not really enough time to post. And tPF is growing so fast, it's difficult to check all the different sub-forums...

    :lol: I run around with a bevy of MJ junkies and we all, of course, have at least one Stella...sadly, all I have remaining now are the Indigo and a Cucumber, the Sap went for the Marina and I got rid of the Butterscotch LE (oh, forgot that in the list...if I recall, it does have the seam) since it never saw the light of day due to the brass hardware factor. I figured that, at the very least, it deserved to serve its purpose and be lovingly worn (and showed off :P ) went to a very loving home. I would like to replace the Sap eventually, it was really cool, and I miss it so.

    The Denim Marina is easily my favorite MJ bag and well worth sacrificing the Sap Stella. The 2-toned blue is unique (people tend to gawk at it), and it's such a rarely seen style. It's a great size, for a true "hand bag". You can wear it on the shoulder (sans jacket), but it's really meant to be a hand-held bag. The side buckles add a nice touch. It's kind of 50's feeling...I really do love it, though, thanks for asking!