Steel Sabrina an everyday bag??

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  1. I need your opinions!! I currently have a black leather sabrina, but after seeing the steel sabrina, I am TOTALLY in love with her. The problem is that I am a one bag person, so whatever I get needs to go with everything. I do wear a lot of black, so thats why I tend to go with black...

    What are your thoughts??
  2. I think the steel Sabrina is a great neutral. That's what I bought it to use as. It goes with everything but it isn't boring. I love mine!
  3. I don't own this color, but it seems like the steel can be work with grey, black, navy, brown etc. It's like steel is a dark neurtral IMO and you can wear it all the time with everything!
  4. I have one too, totally love her!! I tend to not use her everyday only because I have kids and when I go shopping and such I use my Bonnie foldover because I can be more hands free with the kids...but on the rare occasion my kids are not with me..I use my sabrina and she goes well with every color...I am super protective of her too four boys think I'm nuts :nuts:
  5. I think steel is neutral and will go anything.
  6. I think the Steel Sabrina is a great everyday bag! The shimmer gives it a nice pop but it's not overwhelming and goes with anything I think (brown, black, white, etc.)
  7. I am the most plain-Jane person you'll ever meet and I think that the steel Sab would be a GREAT alternative to black! I bought the metallic Sab for the same reason. Just a little something different, a departure from the black. Go for it! :smile:
  8. Great everday bag, IMO
  9. I have the Steel Julianne; colorwise it goes with absolutely everything. I think you would get good use from the Sabrina.
  10. Thanks ladies!!
  11. It's a total everyday bag IMO. If I were going to get one other Sabrina (I currently have only black leather too) I would get the steel! It's fabulous!
  12. I have the large Steel Sabrina. I too have kids and I have used mine as an everyday bag for a couple months. I love it! I had to send it in for repair yesterday because some threads on the stitching came loose, but not from use. I think it just happened because I am extremely careful with my bags. If its not on my arm it's on my shoulder with the long strap. Great bag!! Oh and I get so many compliments on it!
  13. I absolutely adore the steel Sabrina. :love: I currently have only one lonely Sabrina (a black one), but when I get another I will probably get a steel. As much as I love the green patent Sabrina, if I'm going to pay that much for a bag I want it to go with everything. The steel is such a great color, and it will go with anything. Go for it!
  14. I think it will go with more colors than you think.
  15. Absolutely, I cannot think of any color it will not go with