staying in holland abit longer, want to buy other bags but...

  1. So it's quite "good" weather here so we decided to stay abit longer.
    I want to buy some other bags but since there's only 1 LV store here... i don't want to go back to that dreadful place! Then I have to see their faces again! :throwup:uuggh!!

    I want to buy the Riveting and the Eugenie wallet!
    What shall i do!
  2. Go back! Those are 2 amazing items, I would be running to that store to pick up those babies! LOL!
  3. Go back! Go back! If I were there I would be pushing you to the store!
  4. Are you staying in Holland until you go back home? If so, I would go back, even tough you didn't like the store.
    If you're visiting another country before going back home, I would wait and go to a store in that country! Or you could go back to the Antwerp store?
  5. Go back get the riveting and eugenie!
  6. What happened at the other store? Oh no! I was in Amsterdam last spring--so gorgeous--I don't blame you for staying!

    I agree with bunnyLV, if you are going to another country purchase there, if not, go back to the other store. Believe me, if you come home without those purchases you might regret it!!
  7. ahh, you should go back! not everybody there is like the ones you met that day..
  8. I KNOW! I let my friend call Paris and they have it there.
    But Paris is our schedule for (end) July. So maybe i'll get it there then. But the thing is the LV store here is sooooooo very near our Hotel..... grrrrr
  9. oh, if you would visit paris, i would wait.. it's cheaper too in france ;p
  10. maybe just wait until paris!!!!
  11. You could always stroll by if you see the ones that were rude just keep strolling .Good luck and have fun.
  12. I would wait untill paris.
  13. Between Amsterdam and Paris ... Brussels and super nice and helpful SA's :wlae:
  14. go back.
  15. Hi, I live in Amsterdam. There are two nice SA's a younger woman an a elderly woman with blonde hair, they are always friendly.
    How dit the SA looked who helped you so bad????