Stay at Home Moms: Calculate how much you should be paid~!

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  1. So my mom celebrated Mother's Day yesterday (in Spanish-speaking countries, Mother's Day is always on the 10th of May)...and I can't even begin to conceive just HOW my mom raised all three of her daughters. Due to my busy schedule, sometimes I can't even deal with my own DH~!!! lol:rolleyes:

    Stay at home moms are ladies do soo much...and here it is coming from a grown woman: as your children, sometimes it takes us awhile to realize just how much youre worth and just how much you sacrifice for us...but sooner or later, we get it~! :amuse:

    So here's to all the wonderful mommies who do so much: Happy Mother's Day~!!:love:

    something fun: Calculate how much you should be paid or you shouldve been paid at a stay at home mom:
  2. I will make sure to show my mom this... she will LOVE it!
  3. this is cool
  4. I should be paid $188,581. That means I can afford another bag!:smile:

    How fun, thanks!
  5. I wonder what the 'computer operator' category refers to...
  6. $420,011!!!
  7. Who is going to pay? Your child?
  8. it's theoretical . . . obviously, no one is going to pay us this.
    It's just compared to other jobs - # of hours and type of work = compensation if we actually got it.
  9. :lol: lol :roflmfao:
  10. wow~!

    just goes to show just HOW much work goes into raising children...and you still have time to look after us. lol.
  11. LOL! Don't think I didn't include tPF! LOL!
  12. hehe.

    then you'd be able to afford ALL of us bags~!!
  13. To me, it's priceless ;)
  14. ditto.

    I whole-heartedly's are the best~!
  15. Yes, I agree for me too! There's no price you can put on motherhood! Although throwing in a nice handbag once in a while is not a bad bonus at all :yes: