Starting September no more weekday posting for me...I GOT A NEW JOB!!!

  1. Hey everybody!!!

    I got the call today and accepted the new job offer!! :yahoo:Four separate interviews with execs and Directors Jimmy Choos and black leather Coach Ali got a workout :graucho:!!

    I start right after Labor Day so now I can TRULY relax and enjoy summer!

    So many of you know my summer's been pretty crappy...I broke up with my BF in June and then 3 weeks later my consulting gig ended abruptly 5 weeks ahead of schedule and not in a good way. My life was a freakin' country song :p.

    When I lost my BF and job it was like 2/3 of my life just going up poof in smoke. I am single with no kids so right or wrong my job is a HUGE portion of my self esteem and knowing I'm contributing a little something to society.

    So what's the job? It's a senior project manager role at a global company headquartered right here in Seattle! I couldn't be prouder...I love to travel but this area is home to me. We're growing like crazy around here and this company is just one of the reasons why. And it's located just a few miles from where I grew up...very sentimental.

    WOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Oh and I have already bought my I-turned-40/I-had-a-sh*tty-summer/I-got-a-new-job will find it later in the Jewelry Box subforum :graucho:.

    Whether you know it or not, all of you made this a little easier for me. I want to especially thank Irishgal and Roo for your PMs and profound advice. Lorihmatthews gave my resume an extreme makeover! The Coach ladies, esp the Ali support group cheered me and Ali on at every interview, elizabethk for your friendship, great company and awesome chitchat, and last but not least the Northwest H Meeting ladies...I miss you so much and we need to do this every month!! I WILL get that black Kelly for my 45th and now that I'll have a paycheck again that'll help ;).

    thanks, everyone!!! Your happy vibes worked!! Especially Cal's added touch of jazz hands :wlae:
  2. Congrats on your super exciting job.
  3. oh Pursegrrl! I'm so sorry - wasn't aware you were having such a sh*tty summer!! I was enjoying your posts elsewhere and missed those really important ones! Anyhoo - CONGRATS :party::dothewave: ON THE NEW JOB!!! As a fellow Seattleite - glad you get to stay! (Funny how after *****ing about the rain and clouds 9 months out of the year, one glorious sunny day here can make me sigh and say "Gosh, I'm glad I live here") Here's some :heart::heart::heart: for you!
  4. Congrats!!!! Sounds like you earned it! Hope the job winds up to be everything you hope and more. :smile:
  5. Aww honey!! Congrats to the 6th power! I am so happy, see, when things start moving for you they really go! OMG a new job is so fun. But, you know you might have to sneak a peek once a while here, I do and have yet to have the security people crack me over the head. So, play like mad until your start date! I am so happy I have goose flesh!
  6. YAY!! I am SO happy for you! Seems like everything fell into place! :wlae:

    Can't wait to saunter over to the Jewelry Box and see your new pretty!

    Wooohooo!! :yahoo::okay::yahoo::okay::yahoo:
  7. Sounds like a great fit for you.. Congrats!! :tup:
  8. Congrats :yahoo: You totally deserved it after that summer - good luck in your new job :yahoo: :yes:
  9. CONGRATS!!! :yahoo: You totalyl deserve it!!!
  10. hooray! [​IMG] I hope this is the beginning of nothing but good fortune for you from here on out!!!!
  11. Congrats! Can't wait to check out your I-got-a-new-job-gift!
  12. Congrats, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy for you! I wish you nothing but the best in your new job, you totally deserve it! Sending great big hugs your way!
  13. congrats!
  14. Congratulations! Good luck at the new job.
  15. congrats!! enjoy your new-job-gift!! u deserve it!!