Starting a new position next week.

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  1. So I've been with my company for 15 years 14 of which were in the same position. This is a lateral move I'm going from administration to marketing. There has been plenty of opportunities for advancement over the years but I had no interest in them at the time. For reasons that I can't even begin to explain I no longer feel that way and would like to move up. This position would be a excellent opportunity to help me reach that goal and learn more about different areas within my company. And quite honestly I need the change, my current position doesn't challenge me at all.

    However I'm a bit freaked out about it now. I was told Thursday that I got the position and I start in my new department on Monday. We don't even have a replacement for me yet, they just posted for it on Thursday. So I feel like it's a bit of a whirlwind because it's happening so fast. While I was fully expecting to get the position I was also thinking that I'd still be at my current position until I trained my replacement roughly another month if I trained two people. I'm not even sure my current manager is aware I'm starting next week. She's off this weekend and the last time I talked to her we were discussing potential people we thought would be good for the position. But no changes to the schedule have been made, I'm a closer and the other person who closes was not told of any changes to the schedule either. So he was freaking out about not having a closer and not being asked to change his schedule to accommodate for this change. So yikes this is a bit of extra drama added to the mix.

    I am nervous about doing something new and outside my comfort zone. It's weird to be going into work not knowing what to do. Add in to the mix that you really have to deal with rejection at a level that I'm not used too just adds to the anxiety. I want to do well and I've gotten a ton of positive feedback from management already.

    This post is partly to vent my excitement/anxiety over these changes. But also to seek any advice to help me make the transition as smooth as possible. I know that I can not grow where I currently am at and that I need to do this and to put myself out there. I think a big shift in my line of thinking started last year. Not to go into my life story but I lost 56 pounds, which is huge especially given I have a endocrine disorder. And all these small changes I've made in the past year has sort of inspired me to change other aspects of my life. So I know I'm doing the right thing, I'm just a little scared.

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  2. Stop worrying and just go for it. I don't mean that in an insensitive way. Fear has no place in marketing. Rejection will happen - don't take it personally, you'll get used to it, learn from each rejection.

    Focus on recharging so that you can face this new position head-on.

    Don't worry about your past job. They'll deal. If you can help, great. If you can't, it's not your problem. You probably care about it more than they do.

    Again, I'm not trying to invalidate your concerns. I'm just trying to help you learn where your head needs to be for a marketing job. Positive, focused, no fear.

    Don't worry about whether or not you can be successful. You can be successful if you want to. It's just a different skill set, IMO, one that everyone should learn. And it's FUN.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I do have to man up a bit. My first day was rather uneventful I couldn't get a sign on for the marketing program in the department until tomorrow because my title can't be changed until Tues because our payroll closes on Monday. So I did a limited amount of computer training and half my time in with the telemarketer and half my time in the main desk just observing. I'll get a chance to go out in the field tomorrow.

    As far as my last department having issues with scheduling unfortunately that's the status quo. We only have 7 people in the department and we have set schedules minus time request off or vacation. And our manager never got the schedule right. To top it off one of the 7 is a limited worker and only does weekends, half they time she's not even scheduled and is too the point that she's tired of begging for hours(this is her second job and now that both of her kids finished college she's not as money driven to work) so if she's not scheduled she just enjoys the weekend off. Only 3 other people are able to do the job, one is on maternity leave and another is on vacation next week. So not my problem lol. . .