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  1. Welcome to the World of Balenciaga! ​

    We seem to be getting alot of new members and the same questions are popping up, and we thought it was time to have a Frequently Asked Question Post. This will be a CLOSED thread If YOU feel there are frequent questions that keep popping up on the B-Bag Forum, please PM jag, lordguinny, addy, or hmwe46, one of the other MODS and we'll stick it up!!!

    Don't be afraid to use the SEARCH FUNCTION :tup:

    How much does Balenciaga cost??

    What size should I get get?

    Is this BBag Authentic?

    Where do I buy Balenciaga bags?

    Where do I buy Balenciaga replacement Tassles if mine are broken?

    How much stuff can you carry in a BBag?

    What bag can I wear over my shoulder?

    Should I LUBRIDERM or Apple Guard my bag? What about LMB and Coach?

    (please note THE PURSE FORUM (tPF) does not endorse Apple Gard and LUBRIDERM and Loving My Bags -LMB and Coach[/B] - Members have only used these products on their own b-bags - results may vary therefore THE PURSE FORUM (tPF) takes no responsibility)

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    Here is your guide to navigating the BBag Forum :tup:

    * Shopping

    • Is this bag Authentic?
    • Where can I find this bag?
    • How much does it cost?
    • What Stores are selling this bag?
    • What is in stock?

    * Reference Library

    • Care & Maintenance
    How do I moisturize?
    Should I dye my bag?
    Is this rubbing normal?
    • Color by Group
    What does Blue Marine look like IRL?
    What Reds were made?
    • Style Guide
    What does the City look like?
    What does a First look like?
    • Color by Season
    What colors were released this season?
    What seasons are there?​

    * Clubhouse
    Does anyone else have a charm?
    Does anyone else like scarves on their bag?
  3. What are the Balenciaga Basics??

    Q: How many different bag styles are there? What are the classics?

    Q: Does "motorcycle bag" refer to a specific bag?
    A: The Moto or Motorcycle style refers to a specific line of Balenciaga's with the riveted hardware; the hardware used to be flat, then went to raised pewter, then raised brass, then raised brass and Giant hardware in Silver, Gold, and Gunmetal for an LE bag, now they will come in body-colors as an option.

    Q: Do new bags come out yearly? Seasonally?
    A: Balenciaga, like other fashion houses, releases their new lines in Fall/Winter (F/W) and Spring/Summer (S/S). Both releases have "pre-release" colors and "main collection" colors. Pre-release colors come before the main collection.

    Q: Do they produce the same colors every year - but the actual shades vary?
    A: Again, like other fashion houses, Balenciaga offers their bags in whatever colors they believe are popular. However, what colors/styles each retail locations orders varies from buyer to buyer.

    Q: What acronyms do I need to know?
    BBag = Balenciaga Bag
    GHW = Giant Hardware
    SGH = Silver Giant Hardware
    GGH = Gold Giant Hardware

    Q: Is there a way to see styles and colors in a representative sample?

    A: Use the Search feature, ie "cornflower city" or "grenat first"
  4. Balenciaga 101 (courtesy of our Dear Pluiee :flowers:)

    Q. What does the term motorcycle bags mean?
    It&#8217;s just the name of the line of bags, all of the ones with tassels or giant hardware (typically, gold and silver).

    Q. How often are colors released?
    There are two seasons, Spring/Summer (SS) and Fall/Winter (FW). For each season, there is a pre-collection (which is released earlier) and collection (usually only 3 colors are released). SS pre-collection colors are usually released around December and SS collection colors are released in February. FW pre-collection starts arriving in stores are around June and collection colors around August.

    Q. What colors are produced every season?
    Only black and white are produced every season. All other colors are seasonal, meaning they're only produced for that season once. The only exception to the rule is the limited edition Magenta release in 2007 for BalNY stores only. Even then, many would argue Magenta 05 and LE Magenta 07 are very different.

    Q. Where can I find discontinued colors or styles?
    Sometimes stores have old stock but generally, eBay or consignment stores are the only places. Please, no buying and selling on tPF outside of the market plaza. Thread advertising or soliciting will be shut down.

    Q. What is a good size for a first bbag?
    The most popular sizes are the first ($995) and the city ($1195). The first is the smallest bag, while the city is considered medium sized. The first is perfect for quick errands or going out at night &#8211; it holds only the essentials. The city is ~1.5 times the size of first, it holds a lot more.

    Q. Please give me a quick rundown of all the common sizes!
    Apart from the first and city, the more common styles are the part-time, work, day, twiggy, weekender. The work is considered a size up from the city, its proportions are similar to that of the city. The part time is an in-between size, it has the width of the work but half its length. Of all the bags listed, the day is the only one that has one shoulder strap. It is barrel shaped, has a much longer length compared to its width and is very deep. The twiggy is more log-shaped, it has a longer width compared to its length. As suggested by the name, the weekender is a very large bag, it is much larger than all the other bags. Some tpfers carry this as an every day bag but is generally a little too large for most people.

    Q. Are there other styles? Are some styles discontinued?
    Yes. With the introduction of the giant hardware, a lot more styles have popped up. Every season, Bal introduces new styles and retires some. Some retired styles include the flat brass first, flat brass hobo, purse, shopping and box.

    Q. What&#8217;s a giant city versus a regular city?
    Giant refers to the hardware not the size of the city.

    Q. Which bags have straps? Which bags don&#8217;t?
    The first, city, part-time all have straps. The work, weekender, day don&#8217;t have straps.

    Q. What is a fbf?
    Fbf is common short form for flat brass first. These bags with flat brass hardware were produced in 2001 and 2002 for 3 seasons only. Each season has distinctive leather (3rd season is more distressed while 2nd season is more buttery). These bags have longer straps than current bags; 3rd season bags have the longest strap. The first season has a gold &#8220;le dix&#8221; tag.

    Q. What is the best kind of leather?
    Tricky question, it all boils down to personal preference. Some common terms are squishy, buttery, veiny, distressed, dry. The way I see it, it really comes down to the touch &#8211; when you touch the bag, does it make you happy?
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