Star Magazine's Most Annoying People of 2006

  1. (I've included some highlights:smile:

    1. BRITNEY SPEARS: Her post K-Fed decision to make Paris Hilton her new BFF and party without panties and with such a vengeance that even Lindsay was jealous! Brit, if you're hoping for a career comeback, this isn't the way to go.
    2. LINDSAY LOHAN: Linds, you're a talented actress, but unfortunately, your obnoxious personal life keeps overshadowing those talents. Our advice? Start fresh in '07! You can do it, Linds - after all, you're not even 21 years old!
    3. JESSICA SIMPSON: It's the desperate single girl act that's most annoying. We get that it's hard (especially when your ex is soooo happy), but by making every minor flirtation a public spectacle, you're basically creating a man-free zone around yourself!
    4. MEL GIBSON: What was worse? The anti-Semitic rant Mad Mel unleashed while being arrested for DUI on July 28 or the mea culpa the writer / director gave Diane Sawyer in which he smirked his way through an explanation of his actions?
    5. TOM CRUISE: In 2006, Tom managed to make even the most private of moments into overblown events! Hey, Tom, here's an impossible mission: how about laying low in '07?
    6. JENNIFER ANISTON: Forgive us for not shedding a tear when you continually looked so glum in public and finally split with Vince Vaughn. After all, you wouldn't even admit to that relationship in the first place!
    7. PAM ANDERSON: It's one thing to quickly take the plunge and marry the guy you dated on and off for five years and quickly realize it's not going to work out. But then why did you make such a lavish spectacle of the wedding and boast about having four different ceremonies!?!?!
    8. GWYNETH PALTROW: The Running With Scissors star's sense of superiority reached a high point when she reportedly told a Portuguese newspaper: "The British are much more intelligent and civilized than the Americans." She denied making the comments, blaming the fact that she'd given the interview in Spanish.
    9. ROSIE O'DONNELL: Rosie joined The View and promptly drowned out her co-hosts. Then she accused Kelly Ripa of homophobia after Kelly chastised Clay Aiken. Even worse, a couple weeks later, Rosie did a spectacularly offensive imitation of people speaking Chinese and initially refused to apologize, saying it was a joke. Sorry, Rosie we thought jokes were supposed to be funny.
    10. MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY: We never thought it was possible: Matthew turned a hot, toned chest into an eyesore! Hey, Matt! Keep it in your shirt!
    MOST ANNOYING Talk Show Host: Tyra Banks
    Dressing up like an obese woman? Pretending to be homeless? These might seem like interesting experiments if they didn't always scream, "Look at me!"

    MOST ANNOYING Wannabe: Kevin Federline
    K-Fed has long boasted that he'd silence haters once he released his debut rap CD. Well, in 2006 it arrived and the only silence was from crowds at K-Fed's half-empty concerts!

    MOST ANNOYING Pin-Thin: Nicole Richie
    After dumping her stylist/skinny guru Rachel Zoe and going in and out of rehab for a mere 72 hours, Nicole seemed back on track. But her recent DUI arrest is a major setback. Now, we're not sure if we care if she ever breaks 95 pounds.

    MOST ANNOYING Fashionista: Jennifer Lopez
    There's something terribly wrong with J.Lo's once impeccable sense of style! (The article mentions the silver thing she wore to the MTV VMA's and that red ribbon minidress) Earth to Jennifer's fashion sense, come in . . .
  2. Hahaha, I was hoping someone would post this! The only one I disagree with is Gwyneth Paltrow--I just can't believe she really said that.
  3. MOST ANNOYING Makeover: Clay Aiken
    We think his k.d. lang makeover is not his best look. And, Clay, where did that double chin come from? No wonder Kelly Ripa was scared!

    OK, it's a great show, but here's the mystery we really want solved: Why does this hit steadfastly fail to provide satisfying answers to its intense plots? Cough up some info before viewers decide to get . . . well, you know.

    MOST ANNOYING Bathing Suit: Borat's Banana Hammock
    Watching Sascha Baron Cohen's Kazakhstanian alter ego Borat dupe gullible Americans is fun. Being practically slapped in the face by Borat's teeny-weeny swimsuit is just disturbing. Can we sue for retinal damage?

    MOST ANNOYING Couple: Matthew McConaughey & Lance Armstrong
    They got sweaty biking together, jogged bare-chested side by side and tag-teamed dance floors! BFF's Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong took male bonding to a whole new annoying level in 2006 . . . not that there's anything wrong with that!

    MOST ANNOYING Teeth: Hilary Duff
    It's OK to have a big personality, but not big teeth. What's next, Hil - a metal grille?

    MOST ANNOYING TV Chef: Rachel Ray
    We have nightmares about her freaky, baseball mitt sized hands. And, Rach, it's extra virgin olive oil, not EVOO!

    MOST ANNOYING Overpaid Model: Kate Moss
    For most people, a drug scandal is pretty much a career killer. Not Kate! Her earnings in 2006 were her highest ever (despite the 2005 cocaine incident). Doesn't she look bad in anything?

    MOST ANNOYING Divorcee: Heather Mills
    Maybe her nasty divorce allegations about estranged hubby Sir Paul McCartney are true, and she's not just after a huge chunk of the ex-Beatle's $1.5 billion fortune. Yeah, OK! Regardless, those soft-core porn pics, the hunky trainer/bodyguard who's not her new boyfriend and the alleged tapes about poor dead Linda McCartney add up to a giant McCartney annoyance.

    MOST ANNOYING Cleavage: Janet Jackson
    You may be proud of your new body, Janet, but you're making us miss the baggy sweats that hid your extra pounds - and your chest. (The phrase "literally over the top boob boosting outfits" was used.)

    MOST ANNOYING Hair: Gwen Stefani
    We get it: Gwen's a fashion maverick who was itching to make a big splash after taking time off to have a child. But there has to be a better way to get attention than sporting hairstyles that make her look like a munchkin from The Wizard of Oz or the long lost sister of '60s icon Peggy Lee.

    MOST ANNOYING Baby Name: Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel

    MOST ANNOYING Reality Show Family: The Hogans / The Carters
    It's impossible to decide which clan we'd least like to spend the holidays with!

    MOST ANNOYING Potty Mouth Ex-Druggie Trust Fund Baby: Brandon Davis
    Congrats, Brandon, you own this category! Now get a job!

    MOST ANNOYING Insult: Firecrotch
    Even Lindsay doesn't deserve that, Brandon!

    MOST ANNOYING Shoes: Crocs
    We don't care if they're comfortable, those things are fugly!
  4. MOST ANNOYING Trend: Ankle Boots
    Not annoying so much as puzzling: Is it possible to wear these half-shoe, half-boot monstrosities without instantly looking like you have scrawny chicken legs?

    MOST ANNOYING PR Couple: Jessica Simpson & John Meyer / Teri Hatcher & Ryan Seacrest
    Note to Jessica Simpson: Before you tout a fakey romance to boost sales of your new cd - not that it worked - make sure the guy you pick is 100 percent on board with the scheme.
    And a note to Teri Hatcher: Before you have a public smoochfest and land a boyfriend, make sure the guy you pick is, well, let's just say a team player.

    MOST ANNOYING Cry For Attention: Britney Spears / Lindsay Lohan
    Wow, we never thought we'd long for the innocent day of nip slips! Ladies, c'mon - wear your panties. We know you can afford them . . .

    MOST ANNOYING Grin: Katie Holmes
    Oh, gee, Katie, are you happy? Is your life the fairy tale you always dreamed of? Is the Scientology training starting to kick in? We're just saying: there's something more than a little off-putting about that huge constant smile of yours!

    MOST ANNOYING Big Person in a Bikini: Kirstie Alley
    We admit, we're a little bit proud of Kirstie for slimming down quite a lot, but the whole striptease on Oprah was taking it way too far!

    MOST ANNOYING Friend of Katie: Victoria Beckham
    To be honest, there wasn't a lot of competition, but Katie's new shopping pal wins, thanks to her ridiculously small 23-inch waist and out-of-this world outfits. What do they have in common, anyway?

    MOST ANNOYING Loser: Faith Hill
    We're torn about this. Yes, Faith's very public disappointment at Carrie Underwood's win at the CMA Awards was irritating. (She later said she was only joking - ha!) But it was also a refreshingly honest moment during what would have become increasingly staid award shows.

    MOST ANNOYING Best Friend: Denise Richards
    Remember when BFFs would follow the one golden rule: Don't steal your best friend's husband? Oh, well!

    MOST ANNOYING Racist Meltdown: Michael Richards
    Hey, Kramer, that wasn't cool. (They said he was no longer 'sponge worthy' but they're using the phrase wrong, which is why I didn't quote it directly.)

    MOST ANNOYING Crybaby on The View: Elizabeth Hassleback
    If Joy Beber can make you break down like that, you need help!

    MOST ANNOYING Cat Fight: Clay Aiken vs. Kelly Ripa
    We don't know where either of your hands have been - and we don't care!

    MOST ANNOYING Yard Sale: Tori Spelling
    No one wants your old junk.
    It's impossible to decide which clan we'd least like to spend the holidays with!

    MOST ANNOYING Fake English Accent: Madonna
    Yes, we know this isn't new - but it's still so darn annoying!

    MOST ANNOYING Anorexic Nanny Attack: Sara Evans
    We liked your dancing, Sara, but did you have to drag your nanny into your divorce?

    MOST ANNOYING New Phrase: Stray Dessert
    After Paris Hilton was photographed with white stuff up her nose, her publicist gave the world a great new word for vanilla frosting - that you inhale.
    (I would've made some play on 'nose candy', but that's just me.)
  5. MOST ANNOYING Person to Ever Visit Pittsburgh: Sienna Miller
    She called it ****sburgh - in the press - and the whole town was up in arms. Good thing she didn't film her new movie in Bucktown!

    MOST ANNOYING Religion: Scientology
    Sorry, Kabbalah, you put up a good fight.

    MOST ANNOYING TomKat Wedding Guest: Brooke Shields
    C'mon, Brooke! After Tom said that stuff, how could you fly to Italy for his wedding?

    Big Mouth: Rush Limbaugh
    Sorry, Rush. Michael J. Fox is not faking Parkinson's disease - but you're clearly faking any shred of intelligence!
  6. MOST ANNOYING Talk Show Host: Tyra Banks
    Dressing up like an obese woman? Pretending to be homeless? These might seem like interesting experiments if they didn't always scream, "Look at me!"

    I totally agree with you! She thinks she's so dam* beautiful and better than Oprah! Not!

    MOST ANNOYING Shoes: Crocs
    We don't care if they're comfortable, those things are fugly![/quote]
    Bwahahaha My thoughts exactly! For my daughter, yes she looks cute in it! For me? Beep! Sorry I'll pass!!!
  7. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. Those were all great.
  9. I agree with the Crocs, too. They look like they could be really comfortable, but unless you're in scrubs, running around saying, "I need 5 c.c.'s of penicillin, stat!" you shouldn't be wearing them, and especially not in public!

    They'd be great for a cottage or the beach, or something, though.

    And with little kids and Crocs, make sure they're careful on escalators (standing in the exact center of the step), because the material in those shoes have been known to get caught in the mechanisms.
  10. most annoying person should include Vanessa Minnillo .......arrg i hate her
  11. God that's great! Somebod said exactly what I wanted to say about celebrities in the 2006. Thanks, it's really funny and 100% true (I only disagree about Lindsay Lohan's talent, because I think she doesn't have it at all).
  12. I disagree with the one about Kate Moss and the other one about Rachel Ray. I agree with most of the others, especially those crocs. Thanks for posting this Caitlin!!
  13. LMAO! These are AWESOME! Thanks for posting!
  14. They hit the nail on the head with the most annoying people of 2006. But what about Paris Hilton? I wish they had made room for her too!
  15. "K-Fed has long boasted that he'd silence haters once he released his debut rap CD. Well, in 2006 it arrived and the only silence was from crowds at K-Fed's half-empty concerts!"