Stanky New Bag

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  1. I just bought a m/l caviar flap off ebay. I love it but it smells like... chinese takeout! (don't get me wrong, I love chinese food, but not on my bags). How can I de-stinkify it? Febreeze? Ugh. Help!
  2. The bag probably came from someone who smokes because I always think cigarette smoke smells like chinese food, do not know why. I would not add any cleaner to it but definitely let it air out.
  3. Go to luvinmybags website. They have something that supposedly removes odors. They have a toll free no, if you're in the U.S. that you can call and talk to Barb. I've used their cleaner, conditioner, and pro treatment but never had to deal with a smelly purse yet.
  4. That's disgusting! Sorry to hear you have to deal with this. How much of a house of smokers does it take for bag to smell? Ew. Good luck
  5. Yes, let it air out for acouple days and contact luvinmybags. Good luck
  6. Ah, LMB, why didn't I think of that sooner? Good call! I have used (and loved) their products on my bbags but it never occurred to me that they would have bag deodorizers. Thanks!
  7. You can purchase some lavender potpourri that come in small bags to put inside your purse temporarily. I don't smoke but I always worry about my bags if I go to a club or I'm around anyone that smokes cigarettes and I don't want my bag to smell. See if that may help.
  8. LOL! actually, chanel has released mini chinese take out bags as part of Paris-Shanghai collection! perhaps smell like the real thing too coz of the price tag! :biggrin:
  9. Bwaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. You crack me up!
  10. I had to deal with smoke smell once.........not easy. I tried LMB but it did not work. What worked for me was a slow process. First I put the bag outside under roofed terrace with the fans going for a couple of days......nothing, then I put it inside a plastic box with coffee grounds next to it in a plastic cup and I closed the plastic box with its lid. LEft it there for a couple of days........put it back in again..........then used baking soda box open instead of coffee grounds in the sealed box with the bag...........after all this the bag still smelled of smoke.......lastly.......I ended up renting a small ozone machine and put it in the bathroom with the bag..........and after a while it worked. I believe LMB has an ozone machine that you can send your bag and it can get treated. If it is really smoke smell, that is what I found it takes to get rid of it............My bag smells perfect now but it was quite an ordeal and expense.
  11. :lolots:

  12. On a more serious note.. I'm so sorry to hear that OP! Do try LMB as the others suggested.. or what do what habanerita did! :smile:
  13. LMB does have an ionizer that can help reduce odors....I know Roey used LMB's ionizer successfully for a bag that smelled badly of smoke.
    LMB also has "bag candies" that you put in bags.....maybe try these first ?
    Sorry to hear of this problem!
  14. oo I do not know what to do about that, but I just wanted to let you know that I am sorry and it will be okay! :hugs:
  15. If you put bag candies inside a bag... how can it help with exterior smell?