Stam or Ramona?

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  1. yes i love Marc Jacobs but im looking to get a new spring bag and i want either the White Chiffon stam or a light colored Ramona, i dont have any Jimmy choo bags, the patent Riki looks wonderful. What do you ladies think?
  2. As much as I love the Stam, I think the Ramona would be more practical.
  3. ^^ITA, the ramona seems more practical and its cute
  4. I really like the photos of the patent Ramona's that have been posted.
  5. Tough call. I've had my bordeaux patent Ramona for about six months now, and it's my favorite (and most complimented) bag. :heart: I also appreciate the Stam, though, and I'm planning on buying one in the near future, because I love the classic, ladylike satchel style. :shrugs:

    Forced to choose between them, I'd probably go with the Ramona. I think the Ramona has moved beyond the trendy "it" bag since it first came out in late 2005 or early 2006, and is becoming a permanent part of the Jimmy Choo line. The botton line for me is that the Ramona is an easy-to-carry tote with sex appeal! :winkiss:
  6. I wish i could find the bordeaux Ramona or Riki. I am thinking on getting a small stam and the Ramona . I would love a patent white Ramona now that would be my dream bag...............................
  7. The RAMONA! I think the bag is simply divine! The stam has never done too much for me though.
  8. Sharing my two cents...

    As someone who owned the Stam and now owns the Ramona, I would say go for the Ramona. I actually traded in my Stam for the Ramona earlier in the fall. As a huge MJ fan, I was really disappointed with the Stam. The first one I owned had a defect (the colors of the handle faded within two weeks!). I ultimately decided that it was not the bag for me, especially as an everyday bag. The Stam is heavy and does not fit over the shoulder (not sure about the Spring 07 batch). I was also worried about the kisslock in general. The Ramona fits more perfectly with my everyday lifestyle.

    Either way, they are gorgeous bags. I think you should consider which you'd get more use out of. Good luck!!
  9. Both are great bags, but I think the Ramona is more practical for everyday use. Something about the shape of the Stam looks awkward to me for actually carrying stuff.
    I have the Ramona and I really love it, although sometimes I feel a bit guilty for how much $ I spent! It's my most expensive bag by far!
  10. Another vote for the Ramona. It's a great looking bag, and people who have the Stam say it is very heavy. Ramona seems more practical.
  11. Bordeaux patent is sold out, according to my Jimmy Choo SA. He showed me the look book for S/S 07, and there was white leather available for the Ramona/Riki, but not white patent, I believe... (Check out, there's a pic of the white there.)
  12. I also vote for teh Ramona. I think it's a classic.
  13. I have 2 Jimmy Choo bags, and I love them both. I have the Ramona and it is great. I vote for Jimmy Choo. I say get the Ramona if you are on the tall side and get the Rikki if you are petite
  14. I agree with everyone, the Ramona is great for everyday use....
  15. i am a proud owner of the stam and have used it for a little over a year now. i love it! the shape is great for all my junk. :shame: although, i do agree it is quite heavy. i took off the shoulder chain to decrease the weight, but its still pretty heavy. the ramona is gorgeous. we sell them at the store i work at and i have been eyeing them for some time now.. wish we had the bordeux one! that is absolutely gorgeous!