Stam Bag Wanted..But A Little Help On The Lining Please

  1. Hey everyone, I am really annoyed :sad: as the new Marc Jacobs Stam have white/cream lining. and I want the bag in Ivory with a different colour lining. I wont buy a Stam with the same colour lining. I want the blue or burgundy suede inside.

    Does anyone know if i can get one anymore?

    Thanks :yahoo:
  2. I think the only way to get a Stam with a suede lining at this point is to buy from eBay (be careful) or find one at a dept. store that didn't sell or was returned. Ivory bags came with the burgandy suede lining (I believe these were fall 05 and resort 06) as well as a light tan suede lining (this version was for spring 06 and had tan contrast stitching). The Putty stam (spring 06) is the only Stam with the blue suede lining. The spring 06 Stams with suede lining came out in late Jan./early Feb. so they are difficult to find. The patent stams that were released shortly after had the twill lining. Good luck!
  3. as of right now stams with sude interior are no longer being made so like valerieb said you may have to go on Ebay.
  4. I agree...eBay is the way to go for this. Combing through the more recent auctions that ended, you're going to be paying above retail for this. Good luck!