St Tropez, anyone use this regularly?

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  1. Do you like it, how long does it last etc. oh and which one do you use, I see there is a mousse and a cream.
  2. I did before I got pregnant. It is good if you like dark. I believe Victoria Beckham uses it. I used the whole kit,it works that way best-what I felt sets it apart from other tanning systems is the lotion extender. It lasts much longer than any other self tanner I use. Oh, and I used the cream because my skin is dry.
  3. I just started using it within recent months. I used the mousse at first and then I bought the exfoliater and the moisturizer. I haven't tried the cream tanner part yet though. I love it because it doesn't smell terrible like other sunless tanners, it's NOT orange at all because it has green tones (it would never turn you green it's just amazing that the hint of green is all it needs to keep it from being orange!) and it's not sticky.

    I have the mousse on right now actually!
  4. OOOO! I'm so happy you all are talking about this! I've been looking for DARK tanners and I heard about St Tropez and i was wondering if it makes you nice and dark (not like mud but like you were in the sun for 2 weeks straight haha!) Also does it work better with the St Tropez scrubs and lotion or it works fine without???