Sshhhh! Don't tell the LV ladies....

  1. Well my bag obsession started with LV when I inhereted my great aunt's speedy about 10 years ago (I know, I am a late bloomer). Anyway from there it went to monogram canvas in many styles...then damier...then epi...and even mat! However lately I can't seem to get enough of Chanel and Balenciaga with the occasional Chloe thrown in. I just noticed that I have been slowly selling off my LV collection and came to the realization today that I would probably be happy with just my speedy (oh and my houston, mat stockton and epi alma). My batignolles doesn't even hold my interest anymore! Dare I say that I am moving on from my first love?
  2. ^^^ it's okay, macp6!!

    i know EXACTLY how you feel -even though i'm still in college, my first "big" designer purchase was a couple years ago w/ my lv mono speedy 30, and i still LOVE it -i've accumulated a couple more lv pieces here and there... but i see SOOO much lv now (real and ughhh... fake) that its just lost a bit of its luster to mee

    -im hooked on the chanel now --> i told my bf recently that im going to start converting to chanel, permanently... lol

    so, no worries!! its perfectly understandable!
  3. It's an evolution that most people go through. I haven't lost interest in anything yet, but it's bound to happen.
  4. yes, you're making a new path!

    I am too!
    I bought my BH and LOVED it. .. until I found that I love Chanel more! LOL!
    Now I need to replace my BH w/ a brown or bronze Chanel. . . I'm just not that excited about carrying it anymore.
    I get excited when I carry my Luxe Flap and I want to be excited about all my bags.
  5. :supacool: I won't tell.
  6. I fell out of love with LV a long time ago. Everyone and their mothers seem to have one (or a fake one). The only line that still holds some of my interest is the Suhali.
  7. I think I am starting to fall out of love with the other brands as well...
  8. I seem to fallen out with all except Chanel and Hermes.......
  9. Ditto for me... I don't love LV as much as I used to, but still haven't lost interest. I still carry mine regularly, but for new purchases, I'm much more interested in Chanels and eventually Hermes.
  10. Since I discovered Chanel, my Paddingtons are becoming "knock around" bags. :wtf:

    I don't even visit the other sub-forums, or main handbag forum for that matter. This is my playground from now on!!
  11. Ummm same here. I used to be more obsessed with Fendi and Gucci, and now its just Chanel
  12. YEA!! Love y'all being in here, it's my favorite Forum too!
  13. I have a few (OK maybe 10) LV bags that I could never part with. I do carry them still. But they haven't introduced anything new that has caught my interest. Chanel on the other hand always has something else I want.:yes:
  14. Me too, i have scaled down to only a few LV's - Chanel is my newfound love
  15. Lol..I love LV and Chanel equally right now. My collection consists mostly of LVs though. For some reason, there are more LV bags I want, whereas for me, I like the basic staple Chanels I do have and don't really want anymore right now. I do love the jewelry..I can't get enough of it even though I only have a couple pieces :love: