SS18 Vara Rainbow Bag

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  1. I think you made the right decision. The pink one looks great, and really matches the spirit of this design. You can always get the black /white rainbow at the next seasonal sale. :cool: Congrats!
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  2. This black and white trim vara rainbow med bag is GORGEOUS on you!! I hope you got it...I think I may have grab one too!!
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  3. Hehe, tnx :flowers: For now I decided to keep that pink one, but I'm seriously thinking of getting this black / white Vara Rainbow, too, yes :yes: Both are nice in their own way and not too similar :tup:
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  4. Late on this but coming to add that I love the black and white Vara Rainbow - it's a great bag and really fits more than you think with the back wallet area!
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  5. Tnx! :smile: The one I was trying on was actually the larger version which doesn't have the back pocket as the small size Vara Rainbow, but it does hold quite a lot I think :tup:
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  6. I actually prefer the larger version without the back wallet compartment as when I tried it on it did not sit flat against my body and kind of protruded out in a weird way...
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  7. ^^ Exactly :yes: Actually, even the larger version was a little bulky when carried cross-body, so that's one of the reasons I chose to stick with the Ginny bag for now. But for carrying over the shoulder I believe it will be ok :heart:
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  8. I really like the look of Ginny and think since it's more rectangular than square, like the rainbow is, it will fall better as a cross body but for me I need the adjustable strap of the rainbow vara...the Ginny chain is too short for me to wear as cross body...:noworry:
  9. Here is the comparison between the smaller and larger size of Vara Rainbow bag :heart: (picture from Milan)
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  11. I am drooling over this right now :P:biggrin:
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