SS18 Vara Rainbow Bag

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  1. This is a new Vara Bow design with an external zipped pocket on the back-side. Has anyone seen this in person yet? It looks like a great design that would be more functional than WOC style or mini bag.

  2. OMG, I saw this yesterday and handled one and it is so luxurious. I saw this black piece that had silver studs or something similar but i can't seem to find a picture online. I am super tempted to get one.
  3. Those are adorable!
  4. Thanks for posting this. I was at the Ferragamo boutique yesterday and there are lots of new things coming, and a purple that is gorgeous.
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  5. beautiful bags
  6. How big are they? Can they hold more than a cell phone or small wallet? Thx.
  7. According to, the dimension is 5.9" H x 7.8" L x 2.6" D. There is one main interior compartment with a zipped pocket on the back side, so cell phone and wallet, plus small pouch or key should fit just fine.
  8. I looked at these this weekend. They are actually pretty spacious. Your phone would fit in the rear pocket if it is the 6/7/8 regular size iPhone.

    Otherwise plenty of space in the main compartment. The rear compartment would hold plenty of cards and cash. It was maybe even 3/4 of an inch wide.

    They are quite luxurious. I don't have a need for this size bag, but it is pretty tempting. The construction was lovely.
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  9. I was just looking at these yesterday at my local store.. might go back today as I'm contemplating on getting one, they really are cute :flowers: They also had a bi-colour one (black with white trim).
  10. Update: they didn't have the Vara Rainbow in Bonbon pink which I was looking for, so I opted for the SS 18 Ginny Vara flap bag in Bonbon pink... It is a little bigger... Still undecided whether I should keep it or go with the black and white Vara Rainbow instead :doh::girlsigh:Maybe also that colour variation would be more versatile (I already have a couple of pink bags... but then again, I also have quite a lot of black ones, lol).

    --> What do you ladies think? Should I keep this one or exchange it for the black and white Vara Rainbow ?

    IRL the colour is a little lighter, something in between the first and last picture ;) IMG_3834a.jpg IMG_3809a1a tpf.jpg new-5A tpf 1.jpg IMG_3851a tpf.jpg
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    ^^ Hmm, from the pictures I see that the small pink Vara Rainbow that I originally wanted would be quite small and not really practical for work, so I guess I made the right decision after all :smile: The black and white Vara Rainbow is medium sized, but I already have a black Chanel flap bag... plus my Chanel has silver hardware, so this gold hardware with pink bag is a nice change :biggrin: pink vr.jpg
    This small Vara Rainbow is adorable though, but I guess not really for my needs :smile:
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  12. Lol, I still can't get that medium black and white Vara Rainbow out of my head :biggrin: I just love the shape...

    I went back today and I'm still on the fence whether I should get that one instead... any opinions? :angel: InkedIMG_3877_LI.jpg
  13. The medium pink Ginny or black and white medium rainbow are both very pretty and suit you. Black n white seems a bit more edgy and classic for work perhaps? Like the fact it has a back zipped pocket as well - always useful.
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  14. Thanks for your help :smile: I agree, I like that back zipped compartment too... however, the medium size does not have this pocket, only the small size has it :smile: So that black and white Vara Rainbow actually lacks the 'rainbow pocket' at the back :doh::smile:

    Btw, today I took a look at it one more time and I'll probably just stay with the pink Ginny, as the GHW on Vara Rainbow is more muted and due to the leather part of the strap it is not so convenient to wear it at the elbow... somehow it doesn't 'shine' as much as the pink one :P Plus I already have a lot of black and classic bags... They did have a cute fuchsia Vara camera bag on sale for a great price, though, so I'm a bit tempted to get that one instead of the pink Ginny. :biggrin: Too bad they don't have it in that light pink, lol. 11779471_8486900_1000.jpg
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  15. Here is the Vara Rainbow compared to the camera bag :smile:

    new-2b tpf.jpg new-1a2l.jpg
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