SS08 GGH works - BG and sky blue

  1. Just got these from Cultstatus, fortunately nothing that interests me here. Too girly, I'm waiting for EB!!!
  2. They are beautiful, aren't they? I got the pic as well. I would be soo tempted to get one of these but I already have Magenta and am getting EB.
  3. [​IMG]

    I love the black Work!!!
  4. I only love looking at them and not buying *since too scared to find out how much they mark up the prices :sweatdrop:
  5. All are pretty, but not right for me. I'm liking the brighter colors more these days.
  6. That's such a great pic!
  7. I have seen BG Pink with Gold hardware and this combo is fab.:tup: I almost bought one myself in the PT style.:nuts:Thanks for posting.:smile:
  8. BG & Sky blue looks so candilicious together. Yummy!!!
  9. Wow, I love the sky blue with the GGH! So pretty! I also love the white and black. And BG, LOL.
  10. Ooooh goodness I love Sky Blue... I'm not a GGH girl, but I would love it with RH. I don't have any $$ though lol

    Thanks for posting!
  11. i love the way they photographed the pictures, it's so beautiful, the colors really play off each other!
  12. The sky blue is so pretty - I find myself liking it more than I though I would!!
  13. Thanks for posting WATER_DAISY:flowers: !!