Squirrel spy

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  1. What do you think of the new squirrel denim spy? Which one do you prefer this year's or last year's? and would you buy it? or do you think it became too old cuz it's just another Replica? just wanted to know ur opinions..:nuts: I think I love it!
  2. I absolutely LOVE it!:love: Given the choice between this one and last year's style, I would have to go with this one (as much as I LOVE last year's as well, I think velvet would be very hard to care for (lint, etc.) and it won't go with as many things this one would). JMO, of course.:smile:
  3. I loved last year squrriel not to keen on this one as do not like faded denim. I think the price is quite high on this bag because it has a lot of crystals on it
  4. I must confess, I have a mad crush on last years squirrel :yahoo: ...but they are pretty pricey :sad: [​IMG]
  5. I'm not a big fan of the denim. My Fendi SA was bringing it out to me and I told her to take it away. (Wow, that sounds particularly snobbish and dreadful! I just didn't like the denim!) Now I wish I got a better look at her and the crystals. :push: In these pics, it does look quite cute. I still think I prefer the velvet squirrel though.
  6. I love the distress look of the denim but don't really like the combination of colors for the handles. I would prefer the previous version.
  7. I love it!
  8. Last years was better IMO
  9. I love both but its waaaaay out too pricey...
  10. OK, never mind my answer above (I thought you were talking about the velvet squirrel spy). I do like last year's bag better (because of the crystals) but this years brown handles appeal to me more.
  11. ITA:yes:
  12. I' ve seen the denim IRL and it's gorgeous !!!
    I would have love to see the 06 IRL to give an honest opinion ;)