Squeaky shoes

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  1. I just had new half soles put on my rockstud flats & now one of them squeaks when I move my toes around. Is this normal? They are tighter now, too; will they stretch out & quit squeaking after I walk around in them a bit & they give a little? I wore them a few hours before I noticed it.

    Just curious if anyone had this problem after having their soles reinforced?
  2. This was happening with my Chanel flats. Try lotioning up your feet and then putting the shoes on, they may just need lubricating. I didn't like the idea of adding lotion or oil to my Chanel flats, so I found this tip online and it worked. :P:biggrin:
  3. I've had that squeaking problem from my toenails hitting the inside of some shoes and I found that Putting in moleskin stopped it.