Square Vintage Tote

  1. Can someone post pics of the square vintage tote?
  2. This is Japs gorgeous black tote!

  3. Beautiful tote! I saw it in the Chanel book at Saks. Is this lambskin? You have to be pretty careful with this bag, is this leather pretty delicate?
  4. It's the YUMMIEST leather ever and an unbelievably comfy bag! It's not TOO delicate. . . I'm not sure on the leather. . . but although it's buttery, it doesn'tfeel uber-delicate.
  5. The leather is actually the same as the reissue - isn't that calf?

    Swanky - you don't find this tote to be too "pillow-y" and puffy when worn do you? Do both straps stay on the shoulder when carried? I'm so in love with the comfort of the flap that I don't want to sacrifice comfort in my next purchase!
  6. Gorgeous bag, Janice! Congrats!
  7. it stays on w/out any problems.... its so easy to carry and not as delicate as it looks... it truly is awesome!!
  8. Japs, I love that photo so much I saved it to my hard drive!! I hope I love the dark brown; if not, I'll exchange it for black. I just need a new brown bag soooo badly though.

  9. I forgot what skin this is, but it is not lambskin and is way more durable . My SA was telling me that it was treated and said that it holds up very well--"nonporous" is how she described it. Unlike my lambskin 2.55, I have no qualms about using my square tote as an everyday bag. It's soft to the touch but sturdy, and the vintage look is awesome.
  10. roey, it's pillow-likeness is what I adore! It's not too puffy, the straps, because they're padded are so comfy. I wore it around the boutique for a bit and they didn't slide off my shoulder either. It was the right length and size under my arm as well.
  11. Agree--light as a dream and straps stay on my shoulder...Oh what the heck-- everybody get two!!
  12. ^LOL! I want 2!!!!!!!!
    I want burgandy and white SOOO bad!
  13. I know! I want 3--have black and burgandy and want the white but refuse to get one style in 3! Two is bad enough...I wish they made another style in this ligne that was a different shape but still fit nicely over the shoulder...
    Maybe the answer will be the Rachel tote from the cloudy line??:shrugs:
    I thought it might be the diamond stitch but Japs thinks the type of leather on that one may get dirty too quickly...
  14. I want the burgundy too.... I can't find it ANYWHERE!! White is sold out all over.. I tried to find one.... if anyone does find one... SNATCH IT UP!!!
  15. Japs call Chanel at the SHM tomorrow!! Just Pmed you but they had one there as of Wed evening!