Spy Colors

  1. Does the spy come in Beige. My friend's co-worker has a beige one and I don't recall us talking about beige on this forum. Thanks in advance.
  2. I've never heard about beige,probably it's called something else. There are cognac, choc brown, honey and taupe (all that I mentioned here are the ones closest to brown)
  3. Yeah, those are the colors I know. I think her bag is fake.
  4. For Spy colors, check out this site from TFS members:
    Fendi Spy Bag List
  5. maybe she has the bone one?? the one was carried by gwen stefani?
  6. Yeah you're right, I forgot about that one. So either that...or her bag is a fake
  7. Those pics are beautiful.
  8. You ladies are so resourceful! Now where can I find the petrol and bone pleated. Fab!
  9. Wow, that was exciting! Yes, I know I am obsessed with Spy bags.
  10. Can you order a Fendi Spy bag from last year's collection?
  11. Not sure, but I'm trying!