Sprouse U.S.A.

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  1. I just saw a picture of a Sprouse Roses Collection Speedy made in the U.S.A. Is the entire colelction made in the U.S.A. as well?...Speedy, Neverfull, Pochette....?
  2. My LV got 10 roses speedies -- all were Made in USA.
  3. There's a Made in Spain Pochette on eBay
  4. I find it quite fitting that they are made in the USA, as Stephen Sprouse was an American fashion designer...
  5. Although I have been a little anal about all of my other bags being made in France, my roses NF is made in the USA and I, too, find this fitting for this particular line. My roses pochette was made in Spain.
  6. I saw the Roses Pochette at my boutique the other day and it was made in Spain.
  7. I got my roses pochette yesterday and it is made in Spain. My SA had mentioned that speedies & keepalls are made in USA.
  8. :confused1: you have 10 roses speedies?
  9. No she means her LV store has 10 speedies.:P
  10. The speedies in my LV were all made in the USA and the pochettes were made in Spain. I didn't look at the NF up close.
  11. There is a graffiti speedy on ebay - Made in France.
  12. I know you guys have been talking about the Sprouse Roses thus far, but my Sprouse Graffiti Speedy is Made in France.
  13. all the grafittis i've seen in soho are made in france.. and all the speedy roses were made in us :smile: i was there yday and checked it out..
  14. My rose NF is made in USA and pochette is made in Spain!

    I love us made LVs!! ;)
  15. my rose NF is made in the US. i think it is fitting that these were made in the US.