Sprint question!

  1. Ive been wanting the Blackberry Pearl from Sprint for a looong time and right now I have the Razr. Ive had it for about a year and some of its flaws are starting to annoy me. (And the Pearl looks so much better!!!) I was wondering if someone could help me with the whole upgrade process? Like if I replaced my Razr with the Pearl, would I have to start my Sprint contract over? I really want the Pearl but I also want to switch out of Sprint soon so restarting my contract does not sound fun!

    And does anyone know if it would be complicated to by the Pearl from eBay? Sorry about all the questions! :sweatdrop:
  2. Most of the providers offer a rebate on a new phone after a certain period, like 18 months, but to get the rebate, you will have to agree to a new contract. But if you get a phone off of eBay, it shouldn't affect your contract. But when you go in to substitute the phone, make sure with the representative that there are no changes to your contract.
  3. I have sprint and the upgrade process is kind of simple. You have to renew your contract for two more years. Also it depends how long you've had the phone you want to replace. I just replaced my samsung phone that I've had for almost 2 years. I qualified for a $150 discount.

    I was thinking of getting a pearl too and would've paid $150 for it. I got the LG rumor instead and paid $50 for it.
  4. Ok, what if I bought a Pearl on eBay? Would I still have to renew my contract?
  5. No you shouldn't have to. But as I said earlier, just make sure with the rep that no changes are being made to extend your contract. I have heard stories about contracts getting extended without customers' permission.

  6. that i'm not too sure about. but i am curious as to what they would do about that.
  7. If you go through sprint using an upgrade credit you have to renew for two more years. And if you have had your phone for 22 months you are eligible for the 150 credit. PLUS any rebates available to new customers.

    But if you bought the phone through Ebay you get NO credits, not discounts (be VERY VERY careful with this as a lot of stolen phones end up on Ebay and are useless to you) technically when you activate it you should not have to reset your upgrade credit but be very clear about that because some reps WILL do it anyway.

    I actually bought that Palm Centro (Red) instead of the Blackberry because of this KEY difference:
    With a Palm you don't have to pay the mandatory Blackberry data plan of $40 a month, and there's no way to get around it because Blackberry/RIM makes it automatic. With the Palm you get all the functionality, and you can get the minimum power vision plan ($15 I think).
  8. If you buy a used one on ebay, you shouldn't have to renew your contract. But be carefull, because some of the new ones will still require a renewed contract.

    Sprint is so hard to deal with if you have problems, so I say it is worth paying more for a new phone so you don't have to renew your contract. If the phone that you want to buy on ebay is new, check with the seller to make sure no contract is required.
  9. If you don't like Sprint, AT&T has Pearls.

    Also, look into the Centro.