Sprinkles and Ms-Whitney must be....

  1. really busy with pce, making all their lucky customers happy. :smile:
    Hurry back ladies... we miss you!
  2. Agree, but they are so lucky to be surrounded by all those beautiful handbags. I need a job like that !
  3. I am sure they must have had one heck of a morning with trying to get the items that were in limited quantities in the system right away (or maybe they put them in the system and then went back in this AM to charge the customers?)...

    Thanks to all the SA's that must dread the PCE as much as Christmas!
  4. i'm sure they'll be back with some nice stories :yes: they're totally making ppl happy hehe
  5. Aww!!! I've actually had a nutty few days, I was working at two stores!!! I'm on day 4 of 7 in a row, then I have two days off and then I think i work another 8! :crybaby:

    I love it though, you girls know it!
  6. ^Then you have to buy yourself something nice for working so hard!:yes: