Spring/Summer Info r/o!

  1. I just came back from the store and my SA showed me a bunch of the new pieces that just arrived, but unfortunately, I can't purchase until the launch dates.

    - The "Pleaty" shown in the lookbooks are now called the "Beverly". I wasn't impressed by the pictures, but it looks great IRL! The hardware is a push-lock with a triangular bottom and the the PM is a clutch that can be converted to a shoulder pochette ($690), the MM is my favorite and I'm purchasing. It has one very comfortable flat band vachette shoulder strap, the pushlock, a slit pocket in the back and a cell/slot pocket inside ($1090). The GM has double straps but a shorter drop than the MM. Slit pocket in the back and inside, it has a unique snap pocket (inside of the regular flat slot) and a cell pocket. Very cute, my friend is in love with the GM, and it think it was $1400?). Launch date is 3/1.

    - The Dune mini lin is actually more light gray than cream/ivory. I didn't like the color, and it looks like it would stain super quickly.

    - The Ivory epi color looks great, I saw the "Passy" bag and the new small bag with double handles and a push-lock strap over the middle. It has D-rings on the handles and comes with a shoulder strap. There's also a new style that looks just like the Duomo but in epi. Sorry, didn't ask about prices.

    - My Dentelle speedy is in, love it, but can't purchase until the 3/15 launch. :sad: Price is now $1410? The Batignolles is $1700? There's also a cute dentelle belt for $350.

    - The Hampsteads aren't in yet, my SA mentioned a late March/early April launch date.
  2. Wow! the Dentelle Speedy is that much!?

    But thanks for the info!
  3. Thanks for the info!! :yes:
  4. Thanks for the heads up !
  5. Thanks for the info!
  6. I saw most of these bags today at my store-I LOVE the Ivorie Epi and don't like the Dentelle at ALL..they had a gold Speedy to show me but again, I didn't like it.
    Thanks for the info!
  7. Thanks for the info ... I can't wait to see the dentelle IRL .. I like the sound of the belt:heart:
  8. I definitely LOVE the Dentelle!!
  9. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Thanks for the info, I really like the sounds of the MM. The PM is the pochette sized one right? Can't wait for pics!

  11. the speedy went up AGAIN? ugh. i am almost over it!