Spring summer bags now on sale at BV site

  1. Lots of new colours (with the proper names, as opposed to what is sometimes noted on retail websites) and each has a price, for those unable to see prices through the online catalogue...

  2. Do you mean that they are shown "for sale" in the online shopping area, or that S/S 07 bags are "on sale."? If there is a special sale on the website, I don't see it...link please!
  3. Sorry - meant "for sale" - they are not sale priced!!! Click on the US shopping link to see.
  4. ^ oohh.. I'm almost got a heart attack...:sweatdrop:
  5. They even have some fall preview pieces up there. Gosh, fashion is sometimes just too fast-paced for me!

  6. Me, too. But it was pretty exciting, wasn't it... to think there might be some deals?
  7. But not the animal print Montaigne... or at least not that I could find. :crybaby: But my heart did skip a beat when I read that!
  8. Thanks for posting! I'm lovin' the jewelry :drool: