Spring/Summer 2007 LVOE Scarf - Out now!

  1. UK GBP 130.00
    Euro 250
    accdl-louisvuitton_250.jpg love scarf runway.JPG
  2. OHHHH!!! That is what I saw at LV Peninsula when I went to pick up my boyfriend's tie with him!!! This is actually quite gorgeous IRL!!!
  3. thanks! but I'm not really interested in them...
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, I think this is one of the runway "show" scarf which is quite limited...not sure how popular it would be..
  5. wow. is it limited? i am supposed to be saving since im going on holiday in 2 weeks but i have such a bad scarf fetish right now.
  6. Like Karman says, those are gorgeous IRL. have been out a while though, I saw one over a month ago at SCP. There is another version with the same print, only it is a large rectangle & it's great as a wrap over summer dresses. Gorgeous colors in these scarves & the cotton is light as air, just yummy!! Forgot to add that there is a large shawl type one with clear sequins all over & it is TDF gorgeous!!! If you are into scarves, that is the one to get!!