Spring Line

  1. Does anyone have pictures or a website so I can get a sneak peek at the upcoming spring line?
  2. Thanks! What colors are going to come out for the large Carly (10620)?
  3. I'm not sure what colors are coming out for spring carly's... but coach seems to be doing alot of pink this spring...? so who knows!! :girlsigh:
  4. I think they should have the larger Carly with black signature with pink leather accents LOVE IT! I wish Coach looked at these forums to get some of their ideas!

  5. mmmm that sounds lovely! i know more than a few girls who would LOVE that!!! :drool:

    have you seen some of the things that people have already ordered and recieved that are from the spring line???


  6. No I haven't. I need something pink...My first Coach bag was from like 3 years ago from my now fiancee, the optic pink small hobo but I have clearly out grown it since I am using the larger Carly....lol I would need 5 of those bags to maybe fit all the things I carry.
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    Thanks! :biggrin: